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    British Entrepreneur Lucy Rout’s Tabuu Pill Cases: A Journey from Dragons’ Den to 100% One-Person Business Ownership & Remote Management

    In a world filled with ambitious entrepreneurs, few stories are as remarkable and inspiring as that of Lucy Rout.

    At just 28 years old, Lucy has already faced and conquered significant challenges that most individuals may never encounter in a lifetime.

    Her indomitable spirit and entrepreneurial drive have led her to the forefront of the business world, with her innovative brand, Tabuu, making waves in the healthcare industry and beyond.


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    Meet Lucy Rout, a passionate and driven entrepreneur who has earned a place on the esteemed shortlist for the 2023 Great British Entrepreneur of the Year award in London’s ‘Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ category.

    While some may recognise Lucy from her appearance on Dragons’ Den or as the visionary founder of Tabuu, the inspiring story that paved the way for these accomplishments remains largely unexplored…but we’re here to change that.

    Lucy’s personal Health Story leads to the unique Tabuu Pill Case Business Idea

    In the midst of a Christmas party in 2019, Lucy received devastating news about her rare pancreatic cancer, leading her to face one of the most difficult challenges of her life. Despite being only 25 years old, she confronted this medical trial head-on, undergoing a life-altering reconstruction of her pancreatic system.

    As a result of this treatment, Lucy was faced with the reality of taking 20 tablets a day for the remainder of her life. However, her quest to find a pill case that resonated with her sense of style and practicality proved futile.

    This frustration sparked the idea for Tabuu – a revolutionary pill case that not only removes the stigma around taking medication but also serves as an environmentally-friendly and fashion forward accessory.

    Lucy’s Unforgettable Tabuu Pill Case Pitch on Dragons’ Den changes everything

    After creating her concept and brand, Lucy identified a business opportunity that could help her reach a larger audience. Eager to develop her product, she decided to take her chances on the renowned stage of Dragons’ Den. Armed with a well-thought-out pitch for her innovative brand, Tabuu, Lucy’s vibrant personality and impeccable presentation skills immediately captured the attention of the Dragons.

    Recognising the opportunity before them, Peter Jones decided to join forces with Touker Suleyman, and Lucy was quick to welcome them both aboard her entrepreneurial journey. Together, the Dragons made a combined offer of £50,000 for 40% of the company. In the face of such a compelling proposition, Lucy accepted the offer.

    Tabuu Partnership with the Terrence Higgins Trust leads to Pill Case sell out

    Lucy’s vision for Tabuu extended far beyond commercial success; she sought to foster meaningful conversations and break the stigma surrounding healthcare.


    Lucy: ‘My dream with Tabuu has always been to drive conversation and remove stigma.’

    Demonstrating her commitment to this goal, Lucy recently established a partnership between Tabuu and the Terrence Higgins Trust – an organisation dedicated to ending the transmission of new HIV cases in the UK by 2030. Through Tabuu, Lucy launched a limited-edition pill case, with 100% of profits going directly to support the life-changing and incredible work carried out by the charity’s teams.

    The launch of these limited-edition cases was accompanied by a sincere ad campaign featured on Instagram, and the response was overwhelming, with the pill cases now sold out.

    This success is a testament to the power of Lucy’s social platforms, where her unique and original character shines through, raising awareness for critical healthcare matters while encouraging a more empathetic and accepting society.

    Lucy’s Dedication shines through the Dragons’ Den Legend in her formative Years

    From an early age, Lucy’s proactive nature has been a defining aspect of her life, propelling her forward in her pursuit of personal and professional growth. With an array of experiences to her credit, Lucy has embraced every opportunity to make a positive impact.

    During her time in London, Lucy actively sought out business internships at the likes of Vita Coco and served as a campus brand manager at Danone, showcasing her proactive approach to learning and development. Her adventurous spirit led her to venture into the world of water sports, where she briefly worked as an instructor in Greece.

    Beyond her impressive professional endeavours, Lucy devoted countless hours to meaningful volunteer work, immersing herself in programs like We Make Change, The Girls’ Network, and Girlguiding.

    In addition to her dedication to making a difference, Lucy’s vibrant spirit extended into various extracurricular activities. As an esteemed member of both the Durham University cheerleading and netball teams, she exemplified unwavering dedication and the ability to thrive in collaborative environments – a precursor to her future as a visionary founder.

    Lucy Rout & Tabuu Pill Cases Achievements

    Lucy Rout’s entrepreneurial journey with Tabuu Pill Cases has been marked by numerous achievements and milestones:

    Full Ownership:

    Lucy now owns 100% of Tabuu, allowing her to steer the brand’s vision and growth on her own terms. As the sole employee of the company, she runs the entire operation from her home, handling marketing and design tasks from her laptop with an impressive £0 marketing budget.

    Rapid Media Recognition:

    Within 48 hours of the brand’s launch, Tabuu garnered impressive media attention with a feature on Grazia.

    National TV Exposure:

    In just two months post-launch, Lucy Rout also secured a remarkable feature on Sky News, elevating Tabuu’s status as an influential brand in healthcare.

    Strong Financial Foundations:

    As a one-person company, Tabuu demonstrated impressive financial stability. In its July 2022 reports, the brand boasted £27,276 in current assets, with a net current assets value of £2,454. These figures have only improved since, thanks to Tabuu’s digital rise and Lucy’s effective social marketing schemes.

    Entrepreneurial Excellence:

    Lucy’s outstanding achievements have not gone unnoticed, earning her a nomination for the 2023 Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

    As we eagerly await the announcement of these awards in November 2023, one thing is certain – Lucy Rout has already won the hearts and admiration of many. Her story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, encouraging others to follow their passions, embrace challenges, and leave a lasting impact on the world.

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    Anna Kapanadze
    Passionate Blogger and Digital Strategist | 2023 Media, Journalism and Publishing Graduate from Oxford Brookes University | Georgian-British | Establisher and Creative Director of ClickSocial Marketing | Contributor to various Daily, Political, and Breaking News articles

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