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    Festive London – Winter Wonderland vs. Small Central London Christmas Markets at Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, Southbank, and London Bridge

    Do you hear those sleigh bells jingling? We certainly do! The Christmas period is upon us again, and with it comes the warmth and joy that fill our homes and the excitement that envelops our city.

    London remains a tourist hotspot all year round, but during the Christmas and gift giving season, it becomes especially inviting for visitors from across the globe. ‘Tis the season for exploration and shopping, and where better to experience it than in the charming Christmas markets scattered throughout the city, including those nestled within the enchanting Winter Wonderland.

    We took it upon ourselves to explore this Wonderland in Hyde Park, along with other centrally located London Christmas markets like those in Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, Southbank, and London Bridge. We aimed to share key insights and the pros and cons of each market with you.

    Starting with the ultimate destination, Winter Wonderland!

    Inside Winter Wonderland: The Magic of the biggest Christmas Market of them all

    This magical space offers locals and tourists a selection of attractions, rides, delicious food, drinks, and numerous market stalls, with the Winter Wonderland Christmas market located beside the ice rink. If this is where you’re headed, opt for the blue gate, which is closest to the Hyde Park Corner station on the Piccadilly line.

    inside-winter-wonderland-the-magic-of-the-biggest-christmas-marketWithin Winter Wonderland, the market stalls are distributed across the park, especially near the blue and green gates. Other marketplaces are scattered around the park, with several near the green gate and some close to the yellow. Many of the stalls near the yellow gate primarily offer food, though there are a few product-based market stands as well.

    The venue itself is open from 10 am to 10 pm, allowing you to explore and discover delightful items throughout the day. It’s a great opportunity for some unique Christmas shopping, finding interesting products not readily available elsewhere.

    However, one consideration of visiting the Christmas market at Winter Wonderland is the entry fee during select hours. If you plan to visit primarily for the markets, it might be wise to go on a weekday before 12 pm, as entry between 10 am and 12 pm is free for everyone. After 12 pm on weekdays, there’s a £5 entry fee, along with a 0.50p booking fee. During “peak times” from 6 pm onwards, the entry fee rises to £7.50, with a 0.75p booking fee. On weekends, prices start at £5 from 10 am and increase later in the day.

    If you plan to spend money on attractions or food, for example, you can pay for these in advance. And if your expenditure reaches or exceeds £25, your entry will be free. For full details, please refer to the Winter Wonderland booking site.

    Now, considering this park’s size, do also expect to find these market stalls spread across. If you prefer markets with stalls grouped or categorised by their products, you might consider choosing a different Christmas market, like the smaller ones we feature.

    We had the chance to converse with various stall owners and salespeople to delve into their stories behind renting a stall, why they opt to operate their businesses within Winter Wonderland and gaining finer insights into this fantastically festive community!

    ‘Coasting’ Stall’s Artistic Magnets & Coasters: Souvenirs from London’s Heart

    Our initial encounter led us to ‘Coasting,’ a market stall within the Christmas Market near the Blue Gate. Here, we engaged with the stall owner, delving into his experience selling coasters and magnets, all meticulously handcrafted by the owner himself. He shared insights into his creative process, mentioning how he designs many of the prints for these products before personally imprinting them.

    souvenirs-from-london-heartHe disclosed that he’s been a part of Winter Wonderland as a ‘trader’ for a remarkable 15 years, an impressive duration considering the inception of Winter Wonderland in 2007. However, he also emphasised his online presence, indicating that it serves as an additional avenue for sales during the Christmas period. Managing the design, production, and online sales can be overwhelming, so he acknowledged the assistance of other salespeople who work alongside him.

    His creations can be found online via Instagram or on the Numonday selling platform.

    Despite the juggling act, he expressed great joy in being part of Winter Wonderland, considering his consistent presence for a remarkable 15 years. It’s evident that his stall is not just a business endeavour, but a passion project brilliantly thriving within this Christmas community.

    All things considered, Winter Wonderland stands as the quintessential Christmas destination for people from all corners of the globe. What better place could there be to sell your souvenirs of magnets and coasters than a location that draws in such a diverse crowd?

    Artes Gualo – Carlos Gualo’s Artistic Transformation of London’s Landscape

    carlos-gualo-artistic-transformation-of-london-landscapeWe were later captivated by a stall with beautiful artistic creations of London’s skyline, encouraging people to engage with the artworks of Artes Gualo.

    We spoke to the salesperson who shared that the stall owner and artist were not currently present and encouraged us to get in touch with Carlos online instead.

    Thus, we managed to interview Carlos afterwards, to ask a bit about his work and his experience selling in Christmas markets:

    1. Could you share with us any important information about you and your work?


    My name is Carlos Gualo, an indigenous artist from Ecuador. I’m based in London and love this beautiful city. My focus is painting the most historical places of London such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge etc.

    People often associate London with a cold grey landscape, but I change that mentality visually and emotionally, with strong vibrant colours full of energy and joy.

    2. How do you go about making these creations?


    The paintings are made using acrylics and I always make art live to inspire tourists to take away unique and original gifts.

    3. How has your experience been selling your work at markets?

    I would like more opportunities, so to speak, as not all artist painters can afford to begin to see art as part of the tourism industry. I would like more affordable prices, or to be treated and admitted as artists, not as merchants. However, I am very grateful and like to provide tourists with unique and individual gifts.


    Carlos’ insights highlighted the difficulty for new artists entering larger markets due to the expenses involved. He leans towards being seen as an artist rather than just a seller. Despite this, he sees the advantage of the system, allowing him to connect with various tourists, showcasing his work live, and encouraging sales through live art presentations.

    He kindly shared some of his beautiful artwork with us so that we could also inspire our Londoner audience:

    Jinger Drinks’ Debut at Winter Wonderland – Selling Liquid Concentrates Beyond the Digital Sphere

    Venturing slightly further into the park, beyond the Christmas Market, we came across the ‘Jinger Drinks’ stall just past the Traditional Funfair zone. Intrigued, we engaged with the stall owner, who enthusiastically invited us and other passersby to sample his product: variations of a natural ginger concentrate served in shot form.

    These shots, he explained, boasted incredible health benefits. He shared the popularity of this non-alcoholic, revitalising concoction. Among the diverse flavours on offer were combinations like Ginger and Turmeric, Ginger and Mint, Ginger and Pineapple, a unique blend called ‘Liquid Gold’, Ginger and Beetroot, Ginger and Carrot, Ginger and Garlic, and various herbal teas.

    These concentrates were priced at £18 for 200ml bottles, £34 for 500ml bottles, and £45 for 700ml bottles. Additionally, for those not yet ready to commit but keen on a mini souvenir, individual 20ml shots were available at £4 each.

    A large and rather prominent display board by the stall listed an array of the elixir’s benefits:


    With such a varied list of benefits, it became evident that this drink concoction could find favour with virtually anyone, catering to diverse needs. Whether it’s for a family member managing cholesterol, someone dealing with stress or anxiety, or even a humorous yet thoughtful gift for the perennially hungover friend, its versatility makes it universally appealing.

    Understanding the background and vision behind this brand highlighted the pros of exhibiting and selling at Winter Wonderland. Witnessing its debut year at the Wonderland has been enlightening, it highlights the benefits of utilising this location to market digital brands in the physical space.

    This sort of physical sphere serves as an exceptional avenue for conveying a brand message, particularly for brands that can offer testers of their unique trades – something that can’t be done through online sales. This direct form of engagement with visitors, allowing them to experience products firsthand, definitely presents a pro to selling at a festive marketplace like Winter Wonderland.

    Collector’s Pieces at Woody Handcrafts and Insights into Selling Intricate Items at Winter Wonderland

    Situated by the yellow gate of Wonderland, amidst primarily food and drink stalls and near The Luminaries, this stall stood out for its remarkable collection of collector’s pieces like watches, pocket watches, and matryoshka dolls – truly unique finds not always available elsewhere but at Woody Handcrafts.

    The stall owner shared his preference for Winter Wonderland as a selling ground during the Winter season, despite typically trading in other spots like Portobello Market. As he explained, the allure of Winter Wonderland during the winter season, attracting a larger tourist influx, was a key factor in this choice.

    collector-pieces-at-woody-handcrafts-and-insights-into-selling-intricate-items-at-winter-wonderlandThe stall owner elaborated on his business strategy, emphasising a relaxed and friendly approach with his regular customers. Given that most of his products cater to collectors or are highly intricate, he often establishes friendships with customers who share similar interests. Some interactions extend beyond mere sales transactions, evolving into ongoing connections, outside of the market setting.

    For many, selling isn’t just a means of making money; it becomes intertwined with life and friendships, especially when dealing with specially curated products.

    Regarding his experience selling at Winter Wonderland, the stall owner noted significant changes in the market dynamics over the years. He observed a shift in customer behaviour, expressing a feeling that customers may have become somewhat disconnected from understanding the stall owners. He highlighted a change in customer interaction with the items for sale, noting a different approach among them towards delicate objects.

    This shift in behaviour might be attributed, in part, to the stall’s location – situated far from the main Christmas market, attracting an audience primarily seeking food and drinks. For this reason, individuals interested in purchasing unique collector’s items might not easily locate or be aware of these scattered stalls.

    Sellers should consider their product and stall location carefully when aiming to sell at Christmas Markets.

    German Family-Run Business: Pizza Pretzels’ 15-Years at Winter Wonderland

    Continuing our exploration beyond souvenir and drink stalls, we discovered ‘Pizza Pretzel’, a food stall in Winter Wonderland’s Bavarian Village. This stall, managed by a German couple who have made London their winter home for 15 years while selling honey in Germany throughout the rest of the year, presents a seasonal delight – freshly baked pretzel-shaped pizzas.

    These pretzel pizzas come in an enticing selection of flavours, including Cheese and Pepper, Cheese and Onion, Ham and Pineapple, Garlic Bread, Margarita, and more.

    pizza-pretzels-15-years-at-winter-wonderlandChatting with the owners, we learned how they’ve adapted their offerings to suit the Winter Wonderland audience. They began with traditional German pretzels but later transitioned to pizza dough pretzels, a deliberate response to the tastes of their Winter Wonderland customers.

    Running a stall here demands substantial time, resources, and intricate planning. To ensure profitability, many stall owners manage multiple stalls simultaneously. In their case, they operate five other stalls within the Bavarian Village, selling drinks and various items – an essential strategy to balance costs and profitability amidst rising expenses and regulations, as well as costs and expenses of renting space in central London during the festive season.

    Their story sheds light on the investment required to thrive at Winter Wonderland, especially for those travelling from abroad. However, they emphasised the rewarding aspect of it all – the strong sense of community within the Bavarian Village, where sellers support and encourage one another.

    pizza-pretzels-15-years-at-winter-wonderlandFor those contemplating a stall at Winter Wonderland, careful consideration of these aspects is crucial. Though, for those dedicated and passionate enough, seeking a supportive community, the opportunity to rent a stall and immerse in Winter Wonderland’s close-knit community atmosphere is undoubtedly worth exploring.

    To summarise: Winter Wonderland presents a vibrant and diverse hub of festive activities. Our exploration hopefully revealed the distinct charm of this Christmas Wonderland, accompanied by a mix of captivating markets, delightful food and drink stalls, and a unique sense of community among stall owners and salespeople.

    Winter Wonderland: What to Consider as a Visitor or Seller

    Opportunities at Winter Wonderland Christmas Market

    1. Unique Shopping: The markets boast an assortment of unique products perfect for Christmas shopping.
    2. Festive Atmosphere: The markets embrace the spirit of the season with dazzling lights and live entertainment, rendering your visit more than just a shopping experience.
    3. Engaging Experiences: Direct interaction with stall owners offers insights into their crafts and products. Many of these items are only exclusively available online for the rest of the year.
    4. Community Vibe: The close-knit community, particularly in the Bavarian Village fosters a supportive and encouraging environment among sellers. Whether you’re considering selling or buying, this sort of vibe benefits all!

    Considerations at Winter Wonderland’s Christmas Market

    1. Entry Fees: Entry fees during certain hours might deter those only interested in the market stalls, or food options. Through discussions with various vendors across the park, it became evident that fewer people tend to enter solely for food or drink opportunities when entry fees are applicable – thus proving a difficulty for some sellers.
    2. Scattered Stalls: The scattered placement of market stalls across the park might be inconvenient for some visitors seeking a more concentrated market layout. For those selling, this setup might make it challenging for potential customers to easily access or compare products to others in the same category. Consequently, customers might impulsively purchase the first item they encounter rather than taking the time to explore and compare different offerings.
    3. Stall Rental Costs: The renting prices for stalls are to be expected higher compared with other markets due to the prime location and peak seasonal period. We were informed that a sum of £15,000 for the entire period can be expected, subject to location and size. These costs may vary based on the specific stall, its offerings, logistical needs such as weekly deliveries, or requirements for stalls like added plumbing or cooking facilities.

    considerations-at-winter-wonderland-christmas-marketOur encounters with various stall owners revealed the dedication as well as adaptability required to thrive in this fast-paced setting. From meticulously crafted coasters to innovative ginger drink concentrates and refined pizza pretzels, each stall showcased offerings catering to diverse tastes that are in demand at Christmas markets.

    Christmas Market at Leicester Square – Mulled Wine, Beer Stands and Live Cabaret

    The Leicester Square Christmas Market runs from 8th November to 7th January, a considerably longer duration compared to Winter Wonderland’s closing on January 1st.

    christmas-market-at-leicester-squareFor those reluctant to say goodbye to the Christmas period, this extended timeframe offers an extra week of holiday fun!

    Distinct from larger, more crowded markets, Leicester Square offers easy navigation, making it a convenient choice, especially for tourists and office workers within this popular central London location. Operating from Monday to Friday, 12 pm to 10 pm, and on weekends from 10 am to 10 pm, it treats visitors to a delightful array of hot beverages including hot chocolates and mulled wines, alongside tempting options like bratwursts, fudge, and various other market vendors. Another feature worth noting is the market’s free and easy entry with just a bag search at the entrance!

    The presence of a large beer stand caters to beer enthusiasts, creating a welcoming space for friends to gather and enjoy a pint. Additionally, the availability of nearby toilet facilities sets it apart from many other Christmas markets that may not share this feature.

    Despite its smaller size, this market captures the full essence of a Christmas market experience, offering all the festive delights without the big crowds often encountered at Winter Wonderland, making it a worthwhile market to visit.

    For added excitement, visitors can also book tickets to the ‘La Clique’ Cabaret Show, an exclusive attraction accessible as part of the Leicester Square Christmas Market. This kind of enthralling experience complements the already diverse array of product vendors and activities available in the market.

    Trafalgar Square’s Christmas Market with Scandinavian Tree Traditions

    Now let’s talk about the Trafalgar Square Christmas Market, a gem situated across from the National Gallery. This market operates from 10th November to 2nd January, welcoming visitors from 10 am to 10 pm daily. It’s a haven for delicious festive goods, and stalls brimming with aromatic mulled wine and cider.

    christmas-market-with-scandinavian-tree-traditionsBut it’s not just about indulging your taste buds; this market is most suitable for Christmas shopping. The stalls offer a wide selection of high-quality gifts, including candles, lanterns, and personalised journals – perfect for thoughtful and rather eccentric Christmas presents. And if you’re on the hunt for distinctive ornaments to decorate your tree, this market promises an outstanding array of options.

    What is more, its proximity to the Southbank Christmas Market makes it an easy stroll if you want to explore both on the same day. Just a 13-minute walk or so, according to Google Maps! Compare the two for your review.

    Finally, let’s not forget the star of the show: the ICONIC Christmas tree. On December 7th, this majestic tree is officially lit at its annual tree lighting ceremony. A tree which is carefully selected each year from the forests near Oslo with meticulous attention, often months/years ahead of time.

    Don’t miss out on this cherished tradition! The 25-metre-high tree serves as a gift from the people of Norway to London, expressing gratitude for Britain’s support during World War II. Embrace the true spirit of Christmas and British history at this incredible market.

    Southbank Christmas Market – The ‘Winter Festival’

    The Southbank Christmas Market might be one of the smaller ones you’ll visit, but combining it with a trip to Trafalgar Square’s Christmas market can make for a brilliant day out (as we mentioned above!)

    This market focuses more on an array of food and drink stalls, offering everything from bratwursts and crepes to mulled wine stands and truffle burgers – truly embracing all things warm and comforting!

    southbank-christmas-marketWhile the winter festival begins on October 28th and runs until January 7th, the market specifically operates from November 2nd to December 26th. Opening hours are from 11 am to 10 pm on Sundays to Thursdays and extended until 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. It’s one of those markets that starts its seasonal celebrations a touch earlier, preferring to embrace the ‘Winter’ theme rather than solely focusing on Christmas – quite a clever twist!

    Entry to this market is free, inviting visitors to explore its diverse offerings. Unlike Winter Wonderland, this area offers several free activities. From the Winter Light 2023/24 exhibition and the fascinating Foyers Archives to winter raves and various parties – these are just the tip of the iceberg. For those willing to pay, the Southbank Winter Festival offers a wide array of experiences, including performances of the Nutcracker at the Royal Festival Hall and captivating theatre productions!

    This Christmas area is a must-visit, especially for those seeking an experience filled with delicious food and engaging activities. However, if shopping is your main agenda, you might find other markets more tailored to your needs, as this one mainly focuses on culinary delights and providing a joyful atmosphere.

    Winter by the River Christmas Market at London Bridge

    Situated between London Bridge and Tower Bridge, the ‘Winter by the River’ Christmas Market offers a scenic stroll with stunning views of the River Thames and skyline. Whether you choose to visit in the daylight or the evening after dark, this market holds a glimmering charm (and not just because it’s got Christmas decorations!). Operating from November 14th to January 1st, it’s open from 11 am to 9 pm (Sunday to Wednesday) and extends till 10 pm on Thursdays to Saturdays.

    winter-by-the-river-christmas-market-at-london-bridgeThis market presents a selection of seasonal pleasures, featuring all the classic goods expected at a Christmas market. From cheese selections to heavenly fudges, and scented candles, it is like a Christmas heaven! Don’t forget the star of all treats, Chocolate Kisses – a delicious creamy chocolate treat, perfect for immediate indulgence or as a gift for your loved ones…

    Beyond these traditional treats, the market celebrates diverse culinary experiences. Indulge in bratwursts, then relish the vibrant flavours of Indian cuisine, and savour the warmth of freshly made crepes, bringing together global tastes in a unified area. This market stands as a festive showcase of London’s diverse community and culture, particularly vibrant during the Christmas season, uniting everyone in celebrations.


    Adding to this market’s appeal is the sheltered ‘Riverside Walk’ area, which shields the stalls, ensuring a weather-proof market experience for those wanting to explore but wary of London’s unpredictable weather. This sets it apart from many other open-air markets we’ve visited.

    There are also options for both outdoor and indoor seating, allowing visitors to relish their bratwurst or other treats without having to stand. This particular luxury is often absent at other Christmas markets, where standing or walking while eating is perhaps the norm.

    For those intending to visit, consider aligning your trip with the market’s event days. Whether it’s the melodies of a choir, the karaoke nights, or other engaging events, these festivities add an extra layer of cheer to your experience. It’s a wonderful opportunity to elevate your visit and fully embrace the community spirit that thrives during this magical season.

    Our Christmas Market Overview: Insights from each Market

    As the London Business News team, we ventured through numerous Christmas markets across the city, intricately comparing Winter Wonderland to the smaller, less-known festive spots.

    While each market boasts its own set of advantages and disadvantages, our takeaway is clear: this Christmas, don’t confine yourself solely to Winter Wonderland just because it’s considered the ultimate destination. Undoubtedly, Winter Wonderland is splendid, teeming with activities and a merry atmosphere, but numerous other Christmas markets can gratify these festive cravings.

    Before venturing into becoming a merchant in these markets, thorough research into the product or service you intend to offer is crucial. While food and beverage stalls can yield high profits, as exemplified by the Pizza Pretzels stand, this demands readiness and adaptability, accompanied by additional costs to consider. Despite this, it’s evident that this business model works well, given the family’s 15-year run in the industry, consistently travelling from Germany to sell their goods.

    christmas-marketThe smaller markets offer unique perks – they’re often less crowded and don’t require an entry fee like Winter Wonderland does. And for those who in previous years, visited Winter Wonderland solely for its culinary offerings, paying an entry fee might seem less appealing now. For those considering selling food and drinks, this is another factor to contemplate.

    Hence, consider exploring other welcoming options that offer equally delightful, if not more diverse, culinary experiences.

    Winter by the River, for instance, provides shelter from London’s unpredictable weather as well as comfortable seating options to enjoy your chosen cuisines.


    Or consider a visit to both Trafalgar Square Market and Southbank Market on the same day, experiencing the best of both worlds. Southbank hosts numerous free events, a luxury not always found at larger Christmas markets where almost everything comes at a price.

    Meanwhile, Trafalgar Square’s historical Christmas tree, brilliantly lit for the season, adds a unique charm to your Christmas experience.

    Pros of Each London Christmas Market

    Winter Wonderland Christmas Market

    For Visitors

    • The market provides an extensive range of attractions, rides, food, drinks, and market stalls, ensuring a brilliant all-round festive experience.
    • It also offers a variety of stalls with distinctive products, making it an ideal destination for unique Christmas shopping.

    For Merchants

    • This destination has a high footfall. It draws in a large number of visitors from various locations, presenting an excellent opportunity for merchants to showcase and sell their products to a wider audience.
    • The vibrant and lively environment enhances the appeal of products, contributing to increased sales and visibility.

    Leicester Square Christmas Market

    For Visitors

    • Operating for an extended period compared to other markets, allowing visitors more time to enjoy the festive feel.
    • Easy navigation and accessibility make it a convenient choice, particularly for tourists and office workers in central London.

    For Merchants

    • It attracts both locals and tourists due to its central location, providing sellers with exposure to a diverse customer base.
    • Open longer than other markets which offers a chance for merchants to make sales over an extended period, maximising revenue opportunities.

    Trafalgar Square Christmas Market

    For Visitors

    • Known for high-quality gifts and unique Christmas ornaments, catering to visitors seeking thoughtful presents.
    • Celebrates Scandinavian tree traditions, offering a culturally enriching market experience.

    For Merchants

    • Provides a platform for merchants to display and sell high-quality, niche gifts and ornaments, attracting customers seeking unique items.
    • Being close to Southbank provides an opportunity for merchants to tap into visitors exploring multiple markets in a day, potentially increasing sales.

    Southbank Christmas Market

    For Visitors

    • Focuses on an array of food and drink stalls, providing a diverse range of culinary experiences for visitors.
    • Offers various free activities and exhibitions, enhancing the market experience without additional charges, and encouraging more people to attend.

    For Merchants

    • Ideal for merchants selling food and drink items, allowing them to join the diverse cultural offerings to a wide audience.
    • Further opportunities for merchants to welcome visitors that may be attending nearby events scheduled, potentially boosting sales.

    London Bridge Winter by the River Christmas Market

    For Visitors

    • Offers picturesque views of the River Thames and the city skyline, providing a beautiful backdrop for the market.
    • Showcases a variety of global culinary experiences and diverse products.

    For Merchants

    • Provides a unique setting for merchants to display and sell their products against a stunning backdrop, potentially attracting more customers.
    • Sheltered areas ensure a weather-proof environment for merchants to showcase their goods without being affected by the forecast.

    Honestly, it’s challenging to recommend one market over another. What we will encourage is this: experience them firsthand and decide on your own Christmas favourite!

    If you’re contemplating selling your products, it’s crucial to weigh all our market highlights and carefully select the best location for your product or service. You might find that a more crafted or antique product is better showcased in a craft-oriented market, whereas a more commercial product will suit a market where the crowd consists mainly of Christmas enthusiasts and children who prioritise immediate gratification over purchasing products with intricate details.

    Feel free to revisit our findings and select the market that resonates most with you this Christmas. For a detailed overview, including our engaging discussions with stall owners and an exploration of the market treasures, watch our full video coverage:

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