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    Are you a business that would like to share business news or expert ideas and tips around effective modern business practices? London Business News welcomes professional contributors to get published on this leading business portal – a top destination for all business enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, CEO's and business managers as well as marketers for high-quality content on business trends. news, strategies and success stories. If you are an expert in related other niches such as finance, marketing, law, retail, fashion, beauty, property, technology or education, we are equally keen on fresh ideas and concepts from established and aspiring writers. and authors.

    Topics We Look For

    London Business News is dedicated to keeping its readers informed and up-to-date about global, UK, London and Business news, trends and insights. As a contributor, you will deliver well-researched, informative and unique pieces of content on a wide range of topics, including:

    • Matters related to business finance all around the world, but with a focus on London as a finance hub
    • Business expert insights, trends, tips, and insider news
    • Business Marketing trends, ideas and tips to excel
    • Business Technology news & trends
    • Internet marketing insights
    • Business success stories, CEO opinion pieces, entrepreneur interviews

    How To Pitch

    Sell your ideas and content to us - be specific about your unique angle and why our expert editorial team should give special preference to your article. Only add the title and a brief description of your article in your pitch and a reason why it matters to our audience. Here are some topics we have published in the past:

    • Successful business campaigns & strategies
    • Useful & effective business tools
    • How-to guides with a business or marketing focus
    • Analysis of effective business practices
    • Entrepreneur and Leadership opinions & interviews
    • Impactful business research findings
    • Business success stories and case studies and many more

    What We Publish

    At London Business News, we are known to receive a wide number of submissions from all kinds of business writers, authors and bloggers. It is therefore vital for any contributor to follow the editorial guidelines as specified below:

    • 100% original and unique content not published anywhere else
    • Content that is written in perfect English and well structured with headings and subheadings
    • Content following a rich keyword flow with the presence of well-researched and referenced information from reliable sources
    • Content should be supported by relevant evidence or case studies with reference links added that are non-promotional and purely informational
    • Content that is supported by high-quality and authentic examples from applied business practices

    Get in touch with our London Business News editors to become a regular writer. Once you submit your content, our expert editorial team will review it and, if approved, publish it in your name. You’re welcome to share your guest posts with your audience via your platforms. For more information, reach out to our expert team via our contact form (see our privacy policy for how we use your submitted data)! We are always open to new ideas and suggestions!

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