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    The London Business Show 2023 – Down to Business Up Close and Personal

    Attending Day 1 of The London Business Show 2023 provided us at London Business News with an exceptional experience.

    The event, bringing together businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs from across the UK at the expansive and exhibitor-friendly ExCel London venue was truly remarkable.

    As Europe’s largest business gathering, it offered extensive networking opportunities and knowledge-rich experiences, even for those attending only a single day.

    The business event served as a platform for businesses and clients to engage personally and establish connections, hosting over 30,000 entrepreneurs, 750 exhibitors, and 350 speakers and masterclasses.

    In anticipation of this year’s event taking place on November 22nd and 23rd, we interviewed The London Business Show team in charge of orchestrating this event. Our discussion covered a range of topics, from the show’s inception and encountered challenges, to standout moments and their vision for its future. This exclusive interview can be accessed by clicking here.

    This year’s event sponsors included esteemed companies such as Intuit Quickbooks and we took the opportunity to interview their Senior Account Manager and Consultant to gain insights into their partnership with The London Business Show and explore their company further.

    We hope our featured interviews with sponsors and exhibitors also highlight how effortless engaging in conversations with leading brands had been, demonstrating the ease with which others could engage as well.

    Notable Standout Exhibitors that Caught Our Attention

    Among the hundreds of exhibitors, we thought it interesting for us to share just a selection of these fascinating and distinctive brands that stood out to us at the show:

    • sleeping-giant-media-standout-exhibitors-at-great-britsh-business-showSleeping Giant Media‘s stand for digital marketing masterclasses was consistently crowded and highly popular. Their representatives were knowledgeable and conversational, eagerly addressing any questions or sharing their expertise with visitors. Most importantly, for those anticipating freebies, their giveaways were designed to align perfectly with their brand, offering a clever play on what digital marketers might require to kick start their day – a box selection of coffees/brews and biscuits, providing attendees with the ideal fuel.
    • presented an impressive, large stand that immediately drew attention. Their big purple box housed multiple ‘rooms,’ inviting visitors to explore various offerings. Complete with several representatives, demo stations, and screens, this stand was an unmissable highlight at the show. functions as an app development platform catering to every idea and company worldwide. Their exhibiting stand boldly proclaimed, “Build anything you can imagine,” truly capturing the essence of their service.
    • krystal-hosting-standout-exhibitors-at-great-britsh-business-showKrystal Hosting, the UK’s first B Corp web hosting and public cloud provider, undeniably embodied its B Corp ethos through its exhibition stand, merging elements of nature with technology. Their stand was striking, complete with captivating LED lights illuminating the phrase ‘A better world beckons,’ guiding visitors through an arrow into their immersive space, concealed behind mysterious black curtains. Within these realms, representatives awaited, ready to address any inquiries. Their freebies included postcards and notebooks, while the representatives, dressed similarly to stewardesses encountered while boarding a plane, contributed to the stand’s distinctive and thrilling ambience. Very popular, there was a continuous flow of people moving in and out through the black curtains.
    • bartercard-standout-exhibitors-at-great-britsh-business-showBartercard caught our attention, as well as that of anyone navigating the venue, due to its vibrant exhibition in its signature brand green colour. What made their presence even more present was their sponsorship of the Networking Zone, adjacent to their stand, also coloured in bright green. The zone was hard to overlook, particularly with its café/coffee offerings. We’ll delve deeper into both of these aspects later in the article…

    An Interview with Intuit Quickbooks’ Senior Account Manager – The Business Show as a Tool for Face-To-Face Connections and Brand Enhancement

    Intrigued to explore a different aspect of the show’s dynamics and how sponsorships are highlighted, we decided to visit the Intuit Quickbooks stand, which attracted considerable attention due to its numerous representatives, interactive features, and freebies!

    At the Quickbooks stand, we spoke with Senior Account Manager and Consultant at Intuit Quickbooks, Heeran Patel. He mentioned that this marked their second year at the business show, and since their last appearance, they returned in a bigger and better capacity as a headline sponsor as you can see in our full interview:

    He shared that their primary objective was to showcase their business and elevate brand exposure as one of the leading providers of business accounting software, particularly catering to the needs of small to medium-sized businesses.

    Featuring 8 demo stations, the event allowed visitors to engage in live software demonstrations while providing access to various experts for addressing technical inquiries.

    Highlighting the software’s adaptability, Heeran stressed its usefulness for individuals seeking accounting solutions or small businesses in need of support.

    Given their business/software’s online operation, the event presented an excellent opportunity to meet customers face-to-face. He noted that a substantial number of their connections to existing clients were established during the event, suggesting that other business owners contemplating exhibiting at The London Business Show should view it as a fantastic opportunity to boost brand visibility.

    An Interview with Sukhi Wahiwala of Business BoardRoom – 9 Years Exhibiting and Unparalleled Event Response

    As we weaved through the busy event hall filled with hundreds of attendees, our focus remained fixed on uncovering the compelling narratives behind the various brands present.

    That’s when we stumbled upon the Business BoardRoom stand, overseen by Sukhi Wahiwala, dedicated to assisting startups and scaleups through a monthly program. He focuses on guiding accountability, strategy, clarity, and action for individuals and business leaders and elaborated on this in our interview:

    Sukhi Wahiwala, also a keynote speaker, engaged visitors by delving into discussions about the workings of the unconscious and conscious brain, particularly in business contexts. Do you struggle with daily focus? Get inspired by @Sukhi Wahiwala Official ‘s tips on @TEDTALKS ⠀ ❤️Abstract PR⠀ •⠀ •⠀ •⠀ #tedtalk #tedxtalk #sukiwahiwala #abstractpr #YouTube #tedtalks #youtubevideos #media #publicist #fyp ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

    Remarkably, he shared that this marked his 9th year as an exhibitor. Despite participating in numerous global shows, he emphasised that the response and eagerness of individuals seeking insights into his business were unparalleled at this particular London event.

    We also had the opportunity to converse with some of his volunteers and mentees, actively supporting the stand by distributing free water bottles and sharing their journeys within the Business BoardRoom. What struck us was their voluntary participation without compensation. They were genuinely enthusiastic about sharing their stories and guiding others. This underscored the remarkable dedication and passion of individuals volunteering and exhibiting at the event. It became evident that their purpose wasn’t solely centred on making a sale but rather on engaging with others, offering assistance, and fostering meaningful connections.

    An Interview with Bartercard Apprentice – A Venue for Diverse Experience Levels

    During our visit to Bartercard’s stand, we had the pleasure of interviewing Lili Chalmers, a budding apprentice with Bartercard. She shared her first-time experience attending the show, expressing her delight in engaging with diverse individuals throughout the day, observing the unique and impressive stands of various businesses, and, of course, enjoying the freebies:

    Our conversations revealed that their primary focus in exhibiting was centred around networking and the opportunities for interactions with other businesses. Naturally, driven by the same desire for networking, we explored the dedicated Networking Zone, officially sponsored by Bartercard, strategically located in the heart of the venue.

    Curious about the advantages of sponsoring such a zone, we sought insights from members at Bartercard. Our aim was not only to delve deeper into their business but also to comprehend their association with networking and how this ‘zone’ aligned with their brand’s image.

    Bartercard operates as a trading platform facilitating businesses to exchange their services or goods within a global network. For instance, if one business requires accounting services but specialises in marketing, Bartercard facilitates a trade wherein the accounting company receives marketing services while the marketing company gains a new accountant. It’s an efficient and mutually beneficial arrangement.

    Understanding their reliance on connections and communication within varied brands and businesses, we recognised the networking zone as a prime opportunity for Bartercard.

    It was fascinating to witness a different perspective within a large business framework through Lili’s comfortable engagement. It highlighted that the event wasn’t solely for seasoned professionals but also served as a platform for like-minded individuals, some emerging and others well-established, to share perspectives, and beliefs, and integrate their ideas collaboratively.

    Exploring The Networking Zone – Sponsored by Bartercard

    The Networking Zone, boldly marked by a bright green box bearing Bartercard’s signature colours, was strategically placed near the centre of the venue.

    During our conversation with Bartercard, we discovered that this space was granted to them in collaboration with The London Business Show as part of their bartering agreement.

    Within this designated area, we observed a convergence of business professionals, experts, and exhibitors gathering around tables over coffee and refreshments, and engaged in discussions about startups and various business ventures.

    Its mini cafe setup offered much-needed coffee and refreshments, catering to the event’s attendees. This thoughtful provision underscored the event’s dedication to ensuring a comfortable and productive environment for businesses.

    It exemplified the organisers’ efforts in creating a venue that not only fosters fruitful business interactions but also provides a dedicated space for relaxation, refreshments, and networking – an essential and distinctive meeting point for professionals amidst the event’s hustle and bustle.

    Featured Keynote Speakers – Harmony Murphy’s Insights on Driving Profitable Growth with AI

    One of the primary reasons drawing people to this extraordinary business show is its abundant learning opportunities. Distinguished keynote speakers are carefully chosen before the event, offering enlightening talks and presentations, and serving as invaluable resources for individuals seeking to advance within their respective industries by learning from industry experts.

    The lineup of keynote speakers at the event was impressive, featuring prominent figures such as Madeline Riley, the Marketing Manager at Tinder; Harmony Murphy, Head of Retail at Google UK; and Daniella Tabor, Head of SMB sales at Spotify. Advertising; Ed Wilson, Brand Partnerships Manager at TikTok; Jamie Crummie, Co-Founder of Too Good To Go; Paul Wright, Head of Advertising at Uber, among many other influential and captivating personalities. These speakers delivered insightful talks about their areas of expertise.

    As a Business Magazine focused on highlighting businesses in London and given that a substantial portion of our online traffic comes from Google searches, we opted to attend Harmony Murphy’s talk on ‘Driving Profitable Growth with AI,’ representing Google.


    Her session was scheduled for Wednesday from 11:45 to 12:15 and arriving early at the Keynote Theatre allowed us to secure seats in the crowded space.

    Harmony delved into how AI can effectively target different audiences, citing examples from the recent Black Friday period. Her presentation was incredibly helpful, offering easy-to-understand examples suitable for all audience members, whether they were new to AI and business or already deeply involved. She covered various topics, including The Consumer Mindset, AI Research in collaboration with Google and Vogue, and the intersection of Creativity with AI.

    Her half-hour session was enriching for all attendees. However, we highly recommend arriving at your desired talk at least 10 minutes early to secure a seat, especially for these highly sought-after discussions!

    Interactive Masterclasses with Business Specialists – Sleeping Giant Media and The Digital Marketing Zone

    While keynote speakers offer insights through talks, masterclasses allow attendees to engage in interactive sessions with leading brands and industry experts, covering diverse topics like business growth strategies, digital marketing, and more.

    These exclusive masterclasses, with limited spaces available, encourage attendees to book in advance to secure a spot. We learned from firsthand experience that not booking ahead resulted in standing nearby to catch bits of conversation due to the vast attendance. Even though it was beneficial, we highly recommend others interested in the interactive nature of these sessions book in advance to engage and participate fully!

    Throughout the event, masterclasses were conducted by notable entities such as HSBC UK, addressing Strategies for Growing Your Business, the Intellectual Property Office focusing on Understanding Your IP, PropertyCEO discussing Property Development, and Sleeping Giant Media hosting The Digital Marketing Zone, among others.

    We had the chance to listen in on various masterclasses offered by Sleeping Giant Media throughout the day. These covered a wide array of topics, including utilising Google (at 11 am), crafting social media content (at 1 pm), and building an effective content strategy (at 2 pm).


    What was striking was the inclusivity of these masterclasses, catering to individuals at different stages of their journey in digital marketing – from newcomers seeking foundational knowledge to those aiming to refine techniques and strategies.

    Spanning across both days and divided into various time slots, these masterclasses offer a valuable opportunity for knowledge expansion and networking. Attendees have the flexibility to explore other exhibitions and Keynote Speakers while dropping in on a masterclass that aligns with their schedule, as these sessions are available throughout the day.

    Concluding our Time at The London Business Show 2023

    Our day at The London Business Show was nothing short of amazing, and we found ourselves incredibly inspired and excited for future business ventures.

    The event unveiled a vast network that we at the London Business News team can tap into to enhance our knowledge and navigate technical aspects crucial for future branding and business strategies.

    The interactions with keynote speakers, participation in masterclasses, and engaging discussions with business leaders and specialists offered an exceptional networking opportunity, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises. We would like to wish all attendees and those exhibiting continued prosperity.

    For those deliberating attendance in the coming years, our advice is simple: hesitate no more. This event stands out uniquely among others. Not only does it take place in the expansive and welcoming ExCel London venue, but it also brings together an incredible array of individuals genuinely invested in mutual support. What stood out most was the genuine enthusiasm among attendees – not merely for quick sales or elevating status, but for forming meaningful connections.

    Our video coverage of the event features captivating interviews with fascinating personalities, providing a fantastic glimpse into this remarkable show. We invite you to witness our presence in these engaging conversations:

    And below find more impressions of the event from our perspective:

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    Anna Kapanadze
    Passionate Blogger and Digital Strategist | 2023 Media, Journalism and Publishing Graduate from Oxford Brookes University | Georgian-British | Establisher and Creative Director of ClickSocial Marketing | Contributor to various Daily, Political, and Breaking News articles

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