Top 20 Co-Living Places in London for great Networking

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    Top 20 Co-Living Places in London for great Networking

    Co-Living London spaces are emerging as a more viable, more affordable and flexible way of living compared to traditionally renting rooms or apartments, especially in times of uncertainty and hybrid work models.

    The more flexible concept of co-living to combine work and life within a community of like-minded individuals is quickly becoming the new MUST-TRY in every area of London. As more co-living spaces appear, more diversity comes with it and many try to stand out by offering their clientele additional services like on-site coaches and trainers, concierge and booking services to arrange childcare or entertainment last minute.

    But what makes co-living so attractive and what are its advantages?


    Co-living places aren’t just rental homes, they are much more. They offer various facilities similar to hotels such as office or work spaces with high-speed internet everywhere, communal living facilities like kitchens that are fully equipped to host a group of people, a gym and swimming pool, a restaurant and play and entertainment areas like a cinema or a gaming room.

    Co-living is a saving grace for many who are new to London or pass through as digital nomads and don’t want to commit to a 6-month rental agreement at extortionate rates but rather remain flexible and explore different London hubs before they settle down.

    Some property developers are now smelling the coffee and follow suit with their shared ownership properties, which help Londoners get on the property ladder sooner by just buying a more affordable share. They include communal areas in their designs and mix living with pleasure by offering commercial spaces in such buildings for Starbucks & Co. to be conveniently at the ready for residents before heading out to work in the morning.

    Most co-living housing costs less than the usual rent as the space one rents is smaller. But they get access to many communal spaces and are therefore a suitable choice for people who do not value a huge bedroom as much as a vibrant communal kitchen where everyone cooks together.

    Another plus is that all bills and amenities are usually included, as well as regular house cleaning and residents can choose between short or long-term leases.

    Co-living presents an opportunity for people to build a social network and connect with other professionals or students from all over the world. For many, co-living has become a lifestyle or business opportunity.

    Something they’d do over and over again, like Fernando Raymond, the #1 SEO consultant and digital nomad in London who sometimes works from The Collective Canary Wharf.


    In London, there’s a new crop of numerous well designed, super clean, flexible, stylish, and homely co-living spaces. Have you been out in search of a place to stay or work from?

    Then read on as we present you with a selection of trendy and hot 20 co-living spaces in London perfect for networking. We start off with ones that have been rated highly, but it is worth noting that one should find the co-living provider that offers what is most suitable for their own individual needs and that is located in a part of London that works best for them.

    20 Trending Co-Living London Providers

    1. Gravity co-living, Finsbury Park

    gravity london co livingFriendly and peaceful come to mind when you see this Victorian-style shared living villa. Spend time breathing fresh air in the lush exteriors or hang out with friends inside over drinks in the spacious living area. Community is what Gravity co-living Finsbury Park wants you to cultivate.

    2. Lyvly

    lyvly - Co-living places in London
    Want to bring some excitement to your life? The Lyvly co-living establishment is one where there’s never a shortage of social events for networking. From house dinners to game nights, you’ll always be spoilt for choice sharing this space with other likeminded individuals.

    3. Pollen Co-Living, Ivor Grove

    pollen - co living spaces London
    Pollen Co-Living has up to four different co-living locations in the South East of London. They are all well-designed, fully furnished homes meant to give you a taste of what modern living is all about. It’s ideal for young professionals, business owners, and innovators looking to share a space and live and work together harmoniously.

    4. The Italian building – Mason & Fifth

    Offering deluxe accommodation services and quiet relaxing surroundings, the recently opened Mason & Fifth is a modern co-living place with plenty of indoor greenery and state of the art facilities for the city life enthusiast.

    5. LifeX

    lifex coliving
    LifeX is no newcomer when it comes to finding shared living spaces in other countries like Paris. The good news is that they’ve made their debut in London too. LifeX co-living spaces can accommodate four to eight people at a time. They offer high-quality services at an impressively affordable rate.

    6. Vonder

    Vonder - Co-living places in London

    Vonder is a well-known co-living space owner with places, not only in London but also in other European cities like Berlin. Their flats are beautifully furnished, and they tend to have plenty of networking events happening like language classes, pop-up tattoo shops, Pilates, and many more.

    7. Fizzy Living

    fizzy living London

    Are you a pet owner who loves to travel? The good thing about Fizzy Living co-living spaces is that they have many apartments spread across London, and they allow you to move in with your cat or your dog. Their spaces are pet-friendly, which makes it the perfect place for you and your furry buddy to make new friends living with other pet lovers.

    8. Urban Shared, Wimbledon

    If you want to live in a co-living space but yet still enjoy exquisite luxury, then you will love the Urban Shared in a Wimbledon co-living apartment. It’s a four double bedroom apartment with two beautiful shared bathrooms, a chef’s kitchen, and two reception rooms.

    9. Urban Shared, Thornton

    Create lifelong bonds and friendships in this serene, stylish, and glamorous six-bedroom apartment. With amenities like outdoor living, a large chef’s kitchen, and two luxury bathrooms, this is certainly a co-living place anyone would be happy to live in.

    10. Pollen Co-living, Bowmead

    Kitchen granite tops, a large range dual fuel cooker, breakfast bar, a garden, and a spacious co-working area are only a few of the things characteristic of the Bowmead co-living space by Pollen. Here, you can focus on your work in a beautiful, serene place that you can also call home.

    11. The Old Oak by The Collective

    Looking for a place to stay long term? If yes, then The Old Oak is a place you should certainly consider. Located on the west side of London, this co-living space offers unique experiences like kayaking and film nights on the roof terrace.

    12. Urban Shared-Tourney

    If you are looking for something small and intimate, this two-bedroom, one-bathroom flat is precisely where you need to stay. It is conveniently located five minutes from Fulham Broadway Tube which makes transportation a breeze.

    13. Pollen-56 Callander Road

    When you see a co-living space by Pollen, you can expect nothing short of the best. The 56 Callander Road boutique house is characterised by stress-free living where you have access to a fully furnished apartment with everything you can find in a traditional home.

    14. Urban Shared, Clapham

    The good thing about this co-living space is that you can walk or travel a short distance before gaining access to coffee shops, food outlets, and other social amenities. This is a five double bedroom house with a private garden, two bathrooms and a spacious living area.

    15. Pollen-50 Nelgrade Road

    Scared of the exorbitant price tags? Then how about you move into the 50 Nelgrade road co-living space by Pollen. Here, you have six bedrooms to choose from. Enjoy other conveniences like a large, fully equipped kitchen and modern appliances to make a shared life easier.

    16. Stephendale-Urban Shared

    Value for money is what you get when you move into the Stephendale co-living space. It is fully furnished and suitably located near major shopping and transportation links.

    17. The Collective in Canary Wharf

    the collective canary wharfThe best thing about Canary Wharf is that it is strategically located close to the city, making it ideal for someone who would value transport accessibility. It is a professional space designed with the ordinary student or freelancer in mind. On top of fantastic work facilities and speedy WiFi throughout the building, you’ll also get to play – head to the playroom for a round of table tennis or the fancy swimming pool on the 20th floor with a smashing view over London.

    18. Noiascape


    Do you look for modern urban living? If yes, the Noiascape co-living space is the right place for you. This is simply a place where you move in, settle down and start living in modern surroundings. It is characterized by stylish simplicity with plenty of birch plywood furniture, open common areas with lots of natural light, and interconnected pathways to encourage interaction.

    19. Domi Co-Living

    Domi LivingA relatively new space in leafy Greenwich, Domi Co-Living is a breath-taking co-living set up featuring apartments with large cosy living rooms, spacious kitchens, and ensuite bedrooms. If you are looking for an affordable yet inviting shared place to live in London while having sufficient private space, you will love Domi Co-Living.

    20. Norn

    norn colivingThe closest thing you will find to enjoying unlimited social time is in the Norn co-living space. They seem very intentional in creating a space that encourages plenty of interaction. Here you can develop a strong social network and meet all kinds of new people.

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    Co-living in London offers a cheaper and more social way of enjoying life to professionals who look to combine work and pleasure conveniently with networking. No more having to worry about cleaning, paying utility bills, buying furniture, and so on. Here, all you have to do is pay your subsidized rent and leave the rest to the concerned parties. Start co-living now and make new friends, business partners or clients while making the most of your free time.

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    Manuela Willbold
    Manuela Willbold
    Blogger and Educator by Passion | Senior Online Media & PR Strategist at ClickDo Ltd. | Contributor to many Education, Business & Lifestyle Blogs in the United Kingdom & Germany | Summer Course Student at the London School of Journalism and Course Instructor at the SeekaHost University.


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