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Any author submitting their article and content to us for publication on this website, agrees to the terms of this agreement.
By sending us your content and asking for the publication of it on this website, you, the
original author, hereby transfer your copyright to us (the publisher).

You hereby agree to

1. Grant us the exclusive right, for the full term of copyright and any
renewals/extensions thereof, both to reproduce and/or distribute your article
(including the abstract, added images/videos/contents produced by you) ourselves
throughout the world in printed, electronic or any other medium, and in turn to
authorize others (including Reproduction Rights Organizations) to do the same.
(Direct requests for permission to use your article published with us can be passed on
to us and we will deal with them.)

2. Have your article published on this website, and on other websites published
by us, and that we may sell or distribute it within our websites, on its own, or with
other related material. In return, we agree to publish your article at our expense.

3. Warrant that the article and any added content is your original work (or that
any other added copyright work is clearly labelled with its original source), has not
previously been published, and is not currently under consideration by another
publisher. If it contains material which is someone else’s copyright, you promise that
you have obtained the unrestricted permission of the copyright owner (and you agree
to supply such written permission(s) to the publisher upon request) and that the
material is clearly identified and acknowledged within the text.  You also promise that
the article does not, to the best of your knowledge, contain anything which is libelous,
illegal, or infringes anyone’s copyright or other rights.

4. Assert your Moral Right to be identified as the author, and we promise that we
will respect your rights as the author. That is, we will make sure that your name is
always clearly associated with the article and, while you do allow us to make
necessary editorial changes, we will not make any substantial alterations to your
article without consulting you. When the article is accepted, we undertake to publish
it as soon as we reasonably can.  If it is rejected, this agreement is automatically
cancelled, and all copyrights return to you. On publication, we will send you a free

5. Transfer the copyright of the submitted work to us, and we will indicate this
with your author profile (or any way we agree upon), which appears on your article.
You have the right to use your own article (provided you acknowledge the published
original in standard bibliographic citation form) in the following ways, if you do not
sell it or give it away, in ways which would conflict directly with our commercial
business interests. You are free to use your published article for the internal
educational or other purposes of your own institution and company; mounted on your
personal web page; or in whole or in part, as the basis for your own further
publications or spoken presentations. Check that any publication of your content meets the requirements of “
fair dealing” as listed in the Exceptions of Copyright UK government guidance. You ensure that any copy of the originally published work with us will include the reference link/URL of the publication or the following notice:

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