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    How To Create Your Own Gaming Company Success Story

    The gaming industry is full of great stories where at first everything was just terrible, but ended in a huge success.

    For example, how a few guys developed a game in the basement and created a hit. Or how a few people gave up a well-paid job for the sake of a ghostly hope, made a game without any financial support, and also succeeded.

    Such stories are pure excitement. If others have succeeded, why not try? We will tell you how to create your own gaming company success story with minimal losses.

    Get the Start Stage right

    The main thing for the development of a gaming company is the presence of a core. These are people who have experience working together with at least one completed project. Not necessarily a released and sold game like WoW or Destiny, but at least something finished, some sort of shared goal.

    For example, if someone from the team has developed boosting for games like and understands the mechanics of famous games like Destiny 2, this will be the best help.

    A sober assessment of one’s own strengths and the current situation in the gaming industry is required. If you have no idea what place the newborn company will take in the market (now and in the future) and why, it’s better not to even meddle in game development.

    This is difficult for beginners. Idealism is good, but being well-informed about the latest trends and opportunities in the gaming industry is key to staying afloat in this fast-moving gaming world.

    Build a team and startup business in a suitable location like London where you’ll have access to the best infrastructure and talent.


    Have a clear Vision of the Project

    It’s best to start looking into the most distant future. Who will buy your game, what is the possible profit, and what are the market prospects?

    From this, it is concluded what business budget can be expected. And as a result: what kind of project can be implemented within the framework of such a budget: be it a mobile game or a giant like Destiny.

    Unfortunately, most startups invest large sums of money without a clear valuation for the long term. They then let the publisher deal with this because it is yet uncertain to whom and for how much the game will be sold. It is clear that you cannot think like that, but practically all novices do.

    Utilise Networking

    First of all, connections help in terms of a preliminary expert assessment of the viability of the project with a certain degree of objectivity. Secondly, they may help in finding a distribution channel. And thirdly, it is possible that connections will help to find direct startup funding and investment opportunities or make it clear how to earn new money.

    A good start requires all three of the above plus luck, charisma, and stubbornness.

    A bare idea should be offered to someone who will be able to implement it within the framework of an existing business.


    Risk Early Promotion

    During the development process, do not be afraid to publish demo versions and not fully developed stages of the game – this will attract new players. If one of the demos is downloaded and filmed by a popular blogger, the game can be promoted even without the involvement of marketers.

    Don’t be afraid that your idea will be stolen. Usually, no one needs it, everyone has enough of their own ideas.

    Is it Worth starting a Gaming Company now?


    We guess, yes. There are more opportunities due to the variety of gaming platforms, formats, channels, and distribution models. And with AI and VR becoming more advanced, there are certainly various game development opportunities available.

    Today it is more difficult to enter the market with a large project – everyone is waiting for a new addition to Destiny 2 or online CS:GO and your project will simply get lost. However, it is easy to develop a mobile game: after the pandemic, this market literally bloomed. It’s easy to get into the market with a company that helps players complete their favorite classics.

    You can also consider the option of playing on the console. Remember the sensational project about the cat Stray: everyone was obsessed with it, but in implementation, it was not very difficult.

    Starting a game company consists of a skilled team, a creative idea, and a legal entity that will allow you to start selling your game in this highly regulated industry. For the first games, take pure genres and popular platforms, remember the strengths of your team, and focus on them. Then success is 90% guaranteed.

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    James Flarakos
    James Flarakos
    Content writer and WordPress website developer. I also love to create content on YouTube and other social platforms as well as promotional and social marketing.
    James Flarakos
    James Flarakos
    Content writer and WordPress website developer. I also love to create content on YouTube and other social platforms as well as promotional and social marketing.

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