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    How is London One of the Best Places in Europe for Gaming Startups & Companies?

    With the influx of gaming start-ups over the years, London has developed into a hotspot for the sector. The England capital is also home to several well-established gaming companies, with some of the biggest brands in the industry setting up offices here to get a foothold in the flourishing market.

    Because it’s such a thriving ecosystem for gaming studios, it allows for collaboration and progression. It also has access to some of the top talent in the industry.

    With all the small and large companies in London working hard to push the gaming industry forward, the city is one of the best places in Europe for new start-ups to come in and hit the ground running.

    London is Home to Some of the Biggest Gaming Brands in the World

    It’s hard to find many cities in the world that have more of a thriving gaming scene than London. There are countless huge name studios in the capital, working in a variety of offshoots of the gaming industry. The interesting thing to note is the fact that a lot of the businesses here have headquarters elsewhere. They simply set up offices in London to be a part of the booming scene in the city and have access to all the benefits that come with operating in the city.

    A prime example of this is Rockstar North. The world-famous company that’s known for the Grand Theft Auto series has its headquarters in Edinburgh but realised it was also important to have a foothold in London. Some other huge companies that have offices in London include Playground Games, Ubisoft Reflections, and Frontier Developments.

    It’s that London is the place to be for companies that want to get recognition in the most thriving offshoots of gaming. For example, the city is at the heart of the online casino industry, which is ballooning every year. There are countless UK gambling sites that are desperate to set themselves apart from the competition. They can do this through bonuses such as deposit matches, but they can also achieve it by offering the best games. There are loads of opportunities to forge partnerships with the top developers in London.

    Some of the greatest names in iGaming that use London offices as a base of operations include Playtech, Microgaming, NetEnt, and Evolution Gaming. These companies are among the major players in the industry, and they are always striving to push innovation forward. Online casinos in the UK that offer their games have a strong chance of attracting customers who have learned to trust these brands.

    The City is a Thriving Location for Startups

    Along with household names, there are also plenty of startup gaming companies that have found success in London in recent years. These companies provide inspiration for others who want to follow in their footsteps, as they highlight how it’s possible to gain recognition in the city.

    One example of a hugely triumphant start-up to take advantage of London’s thriving gaming scene is Improbable. The cloud-based gaming start-up was founded in 2012 and provides a platform for the development of massive-scale multiplayer games. It raised over $600 million in funding, and its clients include some of the largest gaming companies in the world.

    Bossa Studios is another London-based brand that hit the big time from being in the right place. Founded in 2010, the company is best known for Surgeon Simulator, which has been downloaded over 20 million times. The company has since expanded its portfolio to include several other successful games, and it has cemented its status as one of the best brands for up-and-coming businesses to model.

    It’s not just developers that have benefitted from being based in London, there are also companies that provide services related to the industry. GoodGame Agency is a prime example of one such business. The gaming marketing agency was founded in 2010 and provides a wide range of marketing services to the gaming industry.

    These include influencer marketing and social media marketing, two important avenues in the modern age. It has worked with some of the largest gaming companies in the world and has helped to launch some of the most successful games in recent years.

    Operating in a Thriving Area Can Boost Businesses Massively

    There are various reasons why London is the place to be for start-ups in the gaming industry that want to flourish. The fact that it’s a hotbed for game companies that are continuing to grow means that businesses just getting into the market can benefit from what’s already been created.

    For example, the city offers incredible access to talent, as it has a large and highly skilled workforce. Many of the top universities in the city produce graduates in computer science and engineering, and other experts flock to the city because they know how many opportunities there will be.

    London is also known for having a thriving start-up ecosystem. This includes many accelerators, incubators, and other organizations that support the growth of new businesses. This ecosystem provides gaming startups with access to funding, mentorship, and other resources that are critical to success. There are also venture capital firms and investment organisations in the city poised and ready to invest in promising companies.

    There are many cities in Europe in which startup companies in the gaming industry have a strong chance of success. It could be argued that London is the best place of all, due to the high saturation of businesses in the industry and the thriving ecosystem created by them.

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    James Flarakos
    James Flarakos
    Content writer and WordPress website developer. I also love to create content on YouTube and other social platforms as well as promotional and social marketing.
    James Flarakos
    James Flarakos
    Content writer and WordPress website developer. I also love to create content on YouTube and other social platforms as well as promotional and social marketing.

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