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    Is Bitcoin free? – Different ways to get Bitcoin

    Cryptocurrency is one of the leading places of investment if you want to go for the long run. There are many people who are established as a trader. While some of them out there are biogenies and want to earn bitcoin but do not have resources. The fact is you can get additional bitcoins for free without purchasing them online. Not many out there has an idea about it, but there are fantastic ways through which you can buy Bitcoin online for a fee. You can get the rewards for joining the programs, you can also become an affiliate marketer. You can also mine your own Bitcoin without the use of any hardware. So, we have curated some of the best and certifies ways to earn bitcoins online for free.

    Online shopping to Get Rewards

    You can use Bitcoin to not only purchase items but also many different things. You may use Bitcoin in order to shop online to have an increment in your account of Bitcoin. There are many Bitcoin services like LOLLI which provide cashback policies. Whenever you make the transaction with Lolli (which has over 500 outlets), you receive a cashback in the form of Bitcoin. The partners of Lolli include many top-notch brands like Best Buy, 1800 Flowers, CVS, Topman, Bloomingdale, Office max, Topman including Walmart, etc. You need to first download the Lolli extension as the first step.

    earn bitcoins online for free

    You then need to make a transaction with any of the online store and the extension of Lolli will notify about the cashback in the form of Bitcoin. The cashback will be displayed in the Lolli wallet. You can then make it to cash when the minimum amount is $15. There is a particular period on which you can make the transfer which is almost 30 to 80 days.

    You can transfer it to your own bank account at a minimum cost of $0.25. Many of the sites including Lolli gives you free rewards when you refer them to your friends. Lolli gives you free bitcoins.

    The amount you receive gradually increases as you connect a greater number of people through your referral. Pei is another company that offers cash back to its customers and is becoming popular recently. It is a very flexible app that allows shopping online in return for Bitcoin rewards. It can be started by linking the credit and debit card to the pie network which is safe. Whenever you shop from a retail store you get reward points in the form of the currency pei which can be later converted to Bitcoin.

    mBTC is used as the conversion scale for the conversion of pei to Bitcoin. You can easily start trading with the bitcoin profit.

    Account for Crypto Interest

    Account for Crypto Interest

    Many of the investors buy cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and later they get to know that there aren’t many ways through which you can increase your holding of the Bitcoin. You can use the BIA or also known as the BlockFi Interest account where you don’t have to do anything. The Bitcoin you have will provide you the additional interest. If you are thinking about the interest your Bitcoin can generate then BlockFi can give you up to 8 percent interest yearly. The creation of the account hardly takes a minute and you can start the counting of the interest from day one. Then your account will be assessable to the traders all around the world where the company operates. BlockFi is safe and also uses the risk management system in order to continuously check the financial risk and advancements.

    Taking part in Surveys

    If you are good at solving doubts and surveying for a particular market company you can earn bitcoins as a reward. There are varying companies that provide the opportunity to earn bitcoins via surveys. One of the most trusted and reputed organizations is the Time Bucks. On their website, there are many surveys available through which you can choose any one of your choices and get rewarded. The types of surveys will completely depend on the scenarios of the Time Bucks and the companies the organization is in relation with. The Time Buck also rewards people for downloading games, watching videos, and voting. This can be one of the easiest ways to get rewarded with Bitcoins.

    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate marketing is also one of the great ways to earn Bitcoins for free. If you are an influencer or have a decent following, the company can pay you for directing your friends and followers in the direction of the company and do some business. You will be paid for the number of customers you channelize for the organization. The payment or the reward may differ from company to company. One of the biggest companies to do so is Coinbase and is very popular for the Bitcoin exchanges in America. The mathematics is pretty simple. You can earn $10 when the customer you referred makes a purchase of about $100 or more. BlockFi is not far behind in the race and pays you for all the referrals. The best thing is that there is no limit to the number of referrals. Affiliate marketing has also emerged as one of the leading ways to earn Bitcoins online for free.

    earn bitcoins free


    In the past, you must have thought of the lengthy process of earning bitcoins and getting them in the form of cash. We always thought of it as a time-consuming task that requires much hard work and patience. But by the use of the above methods, you can get rewarded with Bitcoins for free. Some of the methods are really simple like shopping online and getting cashback in the form of Bitcoin. There are ways like Bitcoin Mining that require lofty ASCI hardware and are very difficult. Affiliate marketing and referrals are a great option when you have a decent follower by which you can earn just by referring and taking the surveys. Hope that the above-listed methods would be useful to the audience and will surely try methods in the future.

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