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    Top 3 Business Tech Developments For The 2020s

    Is it possible that the current decade will someday be viewed as a turning point in the advancement of commercial technology?

    There’s certainly plenty of evidence to support that contention. For starters, truck fleets all over the globe are using GPS software to monitor vehicle locations in real time.

    Alongside that universal trend is another that could turn out to be a watershed development: virtual companies.

    Organizations that exist not in physical offices by only via online networks lead the way in a trend of future businesses becoming more socially responsible, in fact, this might be the rule rather than the exception within a generation.

    Other developments are equally as widespread, including the use of small asset tags that prevent loss and theft of costly items, storage of vast amounts of data in the cloud, and a range of biometric components that significantly boost security and safety in the workplace.

    The following are a few of the most important technological developments of this decade.

    1. GPS for Commercial Fleets

    business-tech-development-gpsCommercial fleet managers use GPS systems, programs, and stand-alone devices to keep tabs on every truck under their control, no matter where it happens to be. The power of GPS-based data in a real-time environment can deliver multiple benefits to businesses that earn their profits from the timely delivery of all sorts of assets.

    Before the advent of the modern era, just knowing where trucks were located was a major challenge for supervisors. In this decade, savvy owners combine the data gathered from GPS programs with reams of other information to not only keep track of vehicles in real-time but monitor road conditions, evaluate engine performance, measure fuel efficiency, and more. Of all the business technology trends of the 2020s, sophisticated GPS is one of the most relevant because it is so widely used and relied upon.

    2. Virtual Organizations

    business-tech-development-virtual-meetingNot so many years ago, only the largest companies could afford to hold video conferences, group phone calls, and virtual meetings. Nowadays, e-conferences are a daily event in businesses of all sizes and industries. The rise of virtual organization has been a long time coming, but the time has arrived. Thousands of accountants, lawyers, and other specialists are creating business entities that have no fixed address, rent no office space, and exist by virtue of a cyberspace connection.

    In the financial industry, for some of the best accounting firms, and others of the like, the structure has caught on quickly thanks to recent advancements in video tech that allows for anytime meetings between groups and individuals.

    3. Cloud Data Storage

    digital-data-storageDigital data storage was the new and exciting trend of the last few decades. Businesses learned the value of storing all varieties of information on servers and devices located right in their own offices. The latest wrinkle in the overall move toward smart storage is cloud-based. Remote servers owned by third parties essentially rent out their space to anyone willing to pay the price.

    While the advantages are obvious, including the chance to save money and local server space, some corporations are hesitant to place sensitive data on the cloud for fear of security breaches. It is important that you understand how your data is being collected via certain platforms. Additionally, companies that host cloud storage services can go out of business or experience downtime that interferes with customer data access. Even so, cloud storage is one of the most relevant technology advancements of the past decade.

    Now you should be in the loop about the latest technological developments for businesses and ideally, you should try to utilize these to your business advantage.

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