New Office In London: ZEHNTAUSENDGRAD Drives Internationalization Forward And Takes The Next Step To Become A Global Player

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    New Office In London: ZEHNTAUSENDGRAD Drives Internationalization Forward And Takes The Next Step To Become A Global Player

    ZEHNTAUSENDGRAD Ltd. develop their ambitions of being a renowned international company: The creative agency is opening a Video Agency and Production House in the heart of London.

    For the young company founded in February 2016, the office in the world metropolis London – known as the financial capital of Europe – is a great addition to the office in Augsburg, Germany. The opening shall lead to a strengthened client base and relationships through local appearance in London.

    „ZEHNTAUSENDGRAD Ltd. has already had very exciting projects in London in the past“, says Severin Mitterwald, CEO of ZEHNTAUSENDGRAD Ltd., The very dynamically developing metropolitan region of London is one of the most competitive regions in the UK and in Europe. It offers the best infrastructure, qualified specialists, and innovative service companies, which continue to grow and face great challenges in the marketing and design of their advertising media and strategies in the media sector.”

    international strategy

    The ambitious aim of the company is to pursue continuous growth targets and expand the business even further. The focus of small business activities will be on attracting companies as customers located in the financial sector of London. In order to support these companies, ZEHNTAUSENDGRAD has many modern and creative strategies to boost their sales and leads. The campaigns of the agency really put creativity to work.

    Many clients around the world enjoy the broad palette of digital products of live streaming and communication applications as well as employer branding in combination with recruitment videos. The range of services includes an all-round performance for the efficiency of video as well as optimal marketing and individual, customized implementation of the videos.

    ZEHNTAUSENDGRAD is proud to have such exciting companies among its customer base as ALLIANZ, PATRIZIA AG, L’Oréal Paris, Maybelline, Scalable Capital, Export, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Faurecia, Admiral Markets, Deutsche Hospitality, and many more.


    The young and powerful staff of ZEHNTAUSENDGRAD Ltd. are looking forward to the new challenges and opportunities they get to be as successful in business in London as they are in Germany. All members of the creative agency are passionate about film and video and put all efforts into creating value for the clients investing into video content. The main field of activity of ZEHNTAUSENDRAD is translating brand messages into relevant content for different channels. The agency is also very strong in financial communication and corporate communication through the medium video and offers strategic video communication for internal and external purposes.

    What is internationalization strategy

    The company´s key factors for an impactful video advertising campaign are storytelling, performance, advertising, video communication, and marketing. The agency mainly deals with image films, commercial videos, event videos, live streaming, 2D and 3D animation, story clips, video ads, and social media content, but also any other kind of video.

    The staff of ZEHNTAUSENDGRAD are happy to advise the customers individually on which video strategy is the right one. The relationship to the clients takes the highest priority in the daily work. From the initial idea to the final campaign and distribution – ZEHNTAUSENDRAD advises, creates strategies, style guides, concepts, and any type of video productions. Whether corporate videos, commercials, 2D, and 3D animations or social media content – the agency leads their clients from the beginning to the release.

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