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Top 15 London Business Directories Every Small Business Should Be Listed On

The top London Business Directories listed in this post are influential avenues that are mainly overlooked by small businesses. Being featured in numerous renowned business directories lists is equal to valuable advertising and many small businesses may not be aware of this marketing method. The following best London Business Directories can enhance your exposure and give your business a chance to reach out to a larger audience.

But with hundreds of Business Directories available, how do you know which ones are adequate enough to expose your business and reach the right audience? To save you from having to find out, here are the top 15 London business directories that every small business should be listed on, recommended by our business experts (check our Top 100 UK Business Directories List and Free Business Directories List for more info). Please read the fine print on all of them regarding the cost – choose the ones that are within your business budget.

You can list your business on our top business directories for free to boost your SEO and exposure online or contact us for any queries.

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Top 15 Business Directories In London

  1. Scoot

    Scoot - Business DirectoryThe fact that there are over 7 million people online searching to find various products and services on Scoot means that you have a grand opportunity to advertise yourself. Few directories can boast such a large network. So take advantage and enlist your business here to increase your popularity and ultimately, revenue.

  2. Hotfrog

    Hotfrog-Directory of London BusinessesIf you want exposure in and outside the UK, Hotfrog is operational in a whopping 38 countries. So far, there are over 68 million businesses enlisted here. If you exploit this platform the right way, you have the chance to reach out to 1.2 million prospective consumers who visit this site every month.

  3. FreeIndex

    Freeindex - Business Directories In LondonWith over 400,000 other businesses already listed here, FreeIndex is certainly a business directory worth your time. This site has plenty of positive customer reviews, all of which goes to show that you can expect results.

  4. Lacartes

    Lacartes - Business Directories For Small BusinessA relatively new business directory that has taken over by storm, Larcartes now has over 57,000 businesses already enlisted from over 138 countries. Want to expand and broaden your reach? Then, no doubt, Larcartes is a business directory you cannot afford to ignore.

  5. Yell

    Yell - Business Directories In LondonJust like the title depicts, Yell is a business directory that announces to the UK and the world that your business exists. Watch your business grow in leaps and bounds to become a valued industry competitor merely weeks after listing your business here. There are over 1.7 million other businesses listed on Yell.

  6. Yelp

    yelp - london business directory 2020Yelp is a great business directory that is quite unique. Here, you get a chance to list your business, and satisfied clients also get a chance to review your products or services. This could work in your favour and attract more customers.

  7. Opendi

    opendi - London Business DirectoriesWith over 1.7 million businesses currently featured in the Opendi business directory, you have a good chance of showing prospective clients or customers your best side by enlisting here. Opendi is a German directory, but going by the numbers, it is fast gaining ground as a worthwhile business directory in the UK.

  8. Thomsonlocal

    Thomsonlocal- Business Directories For Small BusinessAre you adamant about enlisting your business in the good old printed directory? If yes, you’ll be ecstatic to learn that Thomsonlocal has both a printed business directory and an online version as well. Here there are over 1.8 million businesses already enlisted. Increase your company’s exposure by taking advantage of this business directory’s vast reach via various channels.

  9. Brownbook

    Brownbooks - London Business DirectoriesReady to set your business up on that global pedestal? Brownbook is that business directory you definitely want to be associated with. It has a solid hold in countries all over the world making headlines as the top business directory with over 2.2 million businesses from the UK listed.

    Include accurate and up to date information about the location of your business and the services and products you offer. Also, include contacts people can use to reach out to you and make inquiries.

  10. LocalMole

    LocalMole - Business Directories In LondonLocalMole is a business directory that works hard to popularize the businesses enlisted therein. They conduct frequent adverts on over 140 local newspapers and 100 local sites with the goal of redirecting readers to their site. Currently, there over 1.8 million businesses enlisted on LocalMole.

  11. BusinessMagnet

    Is yours a B2B type of business? Often, businesses work with other businesses to increase sales and revenue. In this case, you would need a business directory that can understand your needs and can link you to other relevant businesses.

    businessmagnet - Directory of London BusinessesIf this pretty much sounds like what you want, then BusinessMagnet is that directory for you. They have over 140,000 businesses whose products and services are enlisted here. They also have over 75,000 categories to accommodate all types of businesses and their products/services.

  12. UK Small Business Directory

    Imagine having up to 2000 people possibly looking at your listing at any one time online? This is what the UK Small Business Directory can promise you. Here the probability of you meeting the right audience and connecting with the right people doubles or even triples. It honestly depends on your efforts and how you portray yourself online. There are over 180,000 UK businesses registered here.

  13. Manta

    Manta - Directory of London BusinessesRegistering your business on a prominent directory such as Manta is what can help you rank even higher on Google. This way, you have an audience that you can reach out to via the Manta directory and a different audience that can find you separately online. Either way, it’s a win-win situation because you still get more traffic to your site.

  14. Yalwa

    Yalwa - business directories in LondonYalwa business directory, besides having great command in the UK, also operates in 17 different countries. Yalwa helps small businesses in different sectors promote themselves and their services or products by advertising them for free.

  15. Local Data Search

    Nearer - london business directory 2020Potential customers, when looking to find specific products and services, go online and search for local businesses that have what they want. With Local Data Search, you are guaranteed optimum exposure to anyone who may be looking for what your company is offering. Here there are over 380,000 businesses already registered.

The importance of registering with as many business directories as possible, also with a thriving Online Business Directory, cannot be stressed further. With developing companies engaging in a cutthroat competition to outdo each other, you have a better chance of coming on top by reaching as many potential customers.

Learn more about how such a listing can improve your SEO and ranks on search engines + what information you should consider adding to achieve the best results here or find out more about ClickDo services that can support your business.

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