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Top 19 London Businesses Offering Work From Home Jobs

Work from home jobs in London is finally getting the recognition and attention they deserve while everyone is working from their home office. In fact, people prefer online jobs and career opportunities over the conventional 9-5 grind. You have some level of freedom and flexibility over your day. Plus, you can work from your bed in your PJs! What more do you want?

Have a look at our top 19 London companies offering remote work at jobs for professionals in London.

Best Work From Home Jobs in London

  1. Salesforce

    salesforce - Work From Home JobsSalesforce deals with cloud computation. It helps companies engage more customers and optimize their brand for mobile phones. This CRM aka customer relationship management enterprise has several executive work-from-home positions open for professionals in sales, IT, marketing or customer service.

  2. Dell

    Dell - work from home jobs londonDell is a global brand in the IT sector, known for its computers and other gadgets. The company is a driving force in the field of technology. The workforce is flexible, versatile and diverse. There are several remote positions, part-time jobs and home-based work contracts available for people.

  3. Xerox

    xerox - work from home companiesXerox is a company that helps small-scale business holdings and growing brands with their documentation. It has a branch in the UK as well where you can apply for the remote job positions. The firm needs market experts, developers and research professionals for their team.

  4. Haynes & Company

    haynes and companyThe main USP of Haynes & Company is market research and data analysis. The workforce comprises of market experts, developers, and data scientists who have ample expertise in this field. People from around the world can apply for their home-based vacancies.

  5. American Express - home based jobs londonAmerican Express

    A world-renowned company in the field of finance, American Express now has work from home opportunities for people in London. The work schedule is convenient, employee-friendly and easy to follow. You can join the team as a finance expert, management consultant or an investment agent.

  6. Teradata

    TeradataTeradata is a consulting firm that majorly deals with technological development and market research. You can join the team as a data specialist, freelance developer, or a solution’s manager.

  7. Covance

    covance - home based jobs londonCovance is a drug development company that conducts secure clinical trials and testing. It is a major supplier of medical facilities and products in the UK market. At present, the team wants a medical writing expert and biostatistician to join their workforce on a contractual, remote basis.

  8. Thermo Fisher Scientific

    thermofisher - Work From Home JobsThermo Fisher Scientific is a medical research laboratory that deals with drug testing and patient care. There are vacancies in some core departments here like life science research, laboratory testing and exploration. You can apply for international regulation affairs, data integrity lead or a product specialist role.

  9. KPMG

    kpmg - home based jobs londonKPMG is a finance firm that deals with auditing big corporations and providing investment advice. This organization has a worldwide appeal, with branches in the UK, US and other parts of the world. You can apply for the position of a tax manager, accountant or assistant audit officer here.


    parexel - work from home companiesPAREXEL is a biopharmaceutical firm that deals with medical research and the distribution of medicines. It also supplies medical devices, equipment, and consulting services in the UK. Currently, the company wants marketers, experts and consultants for lucrative work from home position.

  11. Real StaffingReal Staffing

    Real Staffing is a UK based recruitment firm that helps people find jobs that match their skillsets. This organization specializes in healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and other medicine-based sectors. Currently, there are WFH opportunities in the quality testing, research, and drug safety departments.

  12. Wade Macdonald

    Wade MacdonaldWade Macdonald is a reputable accounting firm currently on the lookout for accountants and auditors. Your work description involves reporting to the senior business partners, keeping track of the expenditure and other details. This is a 6-month contract that might extend to a full-term position if you’re good at your work.

  13. Brandwatch

    brandwatch - home based jobsBrandwatch is a market research firm that gauges brands based on their performance and popularity. At present, the team has vacancies for research analysts, social media experts, SEO developers. These positions are remote, contractual and project-based in nature.

  14. Stonor Search - work from home jobs londonStonor Recruitment

    Stonor recruitment is a job portal where people can find the right fit in the right company. Currently, the firm wants creative copywriters, freelancers and advertisers to join their team. These positions are home-based but long-term. Also, the workspace is compact, convenient and diversified.

  15. Doctor Care Anywhere

    doctor care anywhereDoctor Care Anywhere is a healthcare unit that provides real-time medical care to its patients online. The team is on the lookout for professionals and trained experts to join the workforce. You can even apply for the home-based clerical vacancies here.

  16. Integrated Care 24 Ltd.

    ic24 - work from home companiesIC24 is a robust healthcare space that provides on-site and virtual treatments to patients. Currently, the institution wants medical interns and clinical staff for primary and secondary healthcare support services. These are mainly remote working offers, i.e. you will be operating from home.

  17. Thomas Reuters

    thomsonreuters - work from home jobs londonThomas Reuters is a well-known media and publishing firm that deals with news, entertainment and current affairs. It is a great space for editors, content writers and freelancers to get some lucrative projects. The work hours are flexible and home-based.

  18. Denso

    Denso - Work From Home JobsDENSO is a company that deals with logistics and data engineering. The company is currently looking for interns and part-time freelancers for their sales and quality management team. These job offers are home-based.

  19. Frontline

    Frontlinework - from home companiesYou can apply for the position of the pedagogy lead at Frontline. Your role is to design a relevant curriculum for Frontline classes. For this, you must have some experience in the teaching field especially with kids and young adults. The work hours are quite accommodating, and the pay is good.

Find a work from home job that’s right for you

There is a lot of scope for freshers in the healthcare sector as a part-time or home-based helper. Other office jobs and freelancing industries that you can try out are publishing, media, IT, finance and education – online teaching and tutoring has become lucrative during the Covid-19 school closures world wide.

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Good luck!

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