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    Top 10 Bespoke Jewellery Shops in London Hatton Garden

    Are you looking for a way to relay a special message to a loved one?

    Consider a uniquely designed, top-quality diamond with an engraved message. A piece of bespoke Jewellery is the indicator of investments of thought and resources which will melt away your lover’s heart.

    While most jewellery shops prefer mass production to save on costs, you can find prestigious Hatton Garden jewellers that specialize in producing custom designs based on individual client needs.

    Discover more about the significance of London’s Hatton Garden jewellery shops here:

    Here are the top 10 bespoke Jewellery shops located in London’s Jewellery headquarters of Hatton Garden:

    1. Ovadia Jewellery
    2. Hatton Jewels
    3. Brown & Kings
    4. Simon Lewis Jewellers
    5. Shining Diamonds
    6. Queensmith Master Jewellers
    7. DG Bespoke Jewellery 
    8. Holts Gems
    9. Hatton Garden Diamond Jewellers
    10. Hearts of London

    1. Ovadia Jewellery

    Ovida Jewellery #Top 10 Bespoke shop

    Anytime you are looking for a Jewellery piece to make a statement, Ovadia Jewellery selection has to appear. One of the most reputable Jewellery shops in Hatton Garden, Ovadia Jewellery offers classic, handcrafted ornaments with a fusion of contemporary design. All the models are custom-made depending on the client’s needs. Whether you want to pass a message to your loved one on a special day or looking to appreciate and show how much you love them, Ovadia Jewellery has got you covered.

    Ovadia has a long history as the best quality Jewellery in Hatton Garden due to its high craftsmanship and attention to detail. The shop does not engage in mass production. Instead, all the materials are sourced remotely and the gemstones are produced in the workshop. The result is a conflict-free diamond of the highest quality.

    Disappointment is not a word you will ever use with an engagement or wedding ring from Ovadia Jewellery. Include versatile and timeless, handcrafted necklaces and other bracelets for a completely sophisticated look.

    2. Hatton Jewels

    Hatton Jewels# Top 10 shop

    Hatton Jewels are the ultimate place to visit in Hatton Garden for high-quality and unique bespoke Jewellery items. With a team of experienced individuals, the store seeks to provide beautiful designs on all your chosen diamonds, gemstones and styles.

    Hatton Jewels specialize in engagement rings, eternity rings, and diamond. It offers a wide selection of the finest handcrafted Jewellery designs. All are set on a relaxed shopping environment and affordable prices.

    Do you have some personal designs for your ring? Feel free to share with the staff at Hatton Jewels. They will guide you on how to go about bringing your design to life. For ultimate personalization, the store allows for engraving with your special message.

    3. Brown_&_Kings

    Brown & Kings jewel shop

    With over 30 years of supplying top-quality masterpieces, Brown & Kings has established itself as one of the most reliable bespoke Jewellery providers in Hatton Garden London. The store takes pride in offering you the most exceptional quality Jewellery to mark that special occasion or moment of your life. This is possible through their certified and some of the rarest handmade gemstone designs.

    Visit the store anytime to be amazed by the full range of meticulous wedding rings, luxury watches, diamonds, and bespoke Jewellery. For your bespoke Jewellery, the store allows you to be part of the creation right from inquiry to assessment and specification until you wear your creation. Any Jewellery it creates comes with assured quality, aesthetic effects, and uniqueness.

    Do you also own a timeless piece you would like to get some returns? Sell it for a fair fetching to Brown & Kings.

    4. Simon Lewis Jewellers

    simon Lewis Jewellery

    Simon Lewis Jewellers is one of the leading stores in Hatton Garden for all your Jewellery needs. With a team of highly experienced Jewellers, Simon Lewis seeks to provide you with stylish custom Jewellery made using top craftsmanship and precision.

    Every bespoke Jewellery is handmade depending on customer needs hence assured uniqueness and affordability. Its location in the heart of Hatton Garden makes it easily accessible.

    The store stocks a wide range of ready bespoke Jewellery and original rings on to aid you in your selection. Once you choose your favourite piece, the Jewellers are at hand to assist you in case of any alterations or engravings. The whole process is all-inclusive such that you have a say from the procurement to sizing until the final product.

    5. Shining Diamonds

    Diamond rings at shining Diamonds

    Anyone serious about Jewellery has heard about Shining Diamonds before. Whether you are looking for a timeless halo ring or a classical gemstone or any other unique diamond engagement ring, Shining Diamonds are the place to visit. They offer diamonds in any colour, size or clarity. It implies that you only get what you can afford hence the ease of sticking to your budget during the special day.

    The Jewellers at this store are well trained to understand and deliver exactly what you need. The Jewell store allows for flexible payment options of up to 6 months without additional interest. Additionally, all the products, including the bespoke Jewellery, come with a lifetime warranty.

    The top-quality services have seen Shining Diamonds featured in top magazines like Forbes and others.

    6. Queensmith Master Jewellers

    Buy Pair rings at Queensmith Master Jewellers

    Queensmith Master Jewellers is an award-winning Jewellery shop with some of the most qualified Jewellers in London. The Jewellers are all about crafting your engagement rings and any other Jewellery with precision to your liking.

    The team at Queensmith has the expertise and takes you through the whole process with care to ensure value for money. Whether it’s the classical design or you want to come up with a unique addition, the team is at hand to work with you for perfection.

    Are you finding it hard to choose bespoke Jewellery by yourself? Get ideas or choose from among some of the Jeweller’s top engagement rings like the classic Kelly, Harlow, Faye, and Rainer.

    Queensmith makes any bespoke Jewellery within a range of 1 – 4 weeks based on your design.

    7. DG BespokeJewellery

    Buy best Diamond rings at Bespoke shop

    Are you confused about where to look for a handcrafted engagement ring for your big day? Worry no more. DG Bespoke Jewellery is a leading Jewellery store in Hatton Garden that specializes in handcrafted diamond engagement rings, diamond penchants, wedding bands, and eternity rings. The company looks to offer you excellent services through skilled goldsmiths who produce the finest masterpieces.

    The Jewellery shop cares more about you than your money. It, therefore, allows you ample time to make your decision on what precisely you need. The staff is always at hand to offer valuable advice if you feel overwhelmed in decision-making.

    DG Bespoke Jewellery acknowledges the fact that they are not the most affordable Jewellers in Hatton Garden. The prices are justifiable though, given the high quality and the craftsmanship that goes into making the individual jewel.

    8. Holts Gems

    Best Gem stone shop in uk

    Founded in 1948, Holts Gems is one of the oldest and most respected Jewellers in Hatton Garden. This award-winning Jeweller specializes in providing the world’s most exceptional bespoke diamond and gemstone Jewellery.

    Holt Gems has redefined itself over the years by adopting cutting-edge technologies that allow it to infuse classical and contemporary designs with a superior outcome. The bespoke engagement ring service is handled by experienced Jewellers who ensure they deliver what you need. The process is involving as you collaborate with the Jewellers to create a piece that resonates with you.

    In a bid to keep its position as the respected Jeweller, Holts Gems partners with other leading services for an immersive customer experience like never before.

    9. Hatton Garden Diamond Jewellers

    Hatton Garden- Best Diamond jewellers in Uk

    Hatton Garden Diamond Jewellers is a leading Jeweller in London specializing in the production of bespoke diamond engagement rings.

    Whether you are looking for a classic design or you have a unique proposition, the Jeweller has got you covered. It has access to a wide variety of diamond and other vintage pieces of Jewellery for the finest quality handcrafted engagement rings. The company is all about providing value for money and care.

    The several stores under the Hatton Garden Diamond Jewellers is a testimony on the quality and how much consumers are after the brand. These four stores are Dynasty Jewels, Regency Jewels, and Harmony Jewels. The stores have dedicated staff who are ready to assist you in choosing and making your perfect ring.

    10. Hearts of London

    Best gemologist in London

    Hearts of London is a top Jeweller in Hatton Garden that boasts of some of the most skilled and knowledgeable gemologists and designers in London. The Jewellery shop looks to provide you with the best custom-made engagement ring or any other piece of Jewellery based on your needs.

    Hearts of London understands that you value expert advice and quality assurance. For that, all the staff are certified and understands how to work with different gemstones and designs.

    The source of the diamond is also important to the Jewellery shop. It does not deal in blood or conflicted diamond. You, therefore, can shop with a clear head. All the services come at competitive prices without compromising on quality.

    Bottom Line

    A bespoke engagement ring is an ultimate way to express your love on your big day. The right Jeweller comes in handy in getting your heart’s desires. The Jewellery shops in this list come with experienced and interactive Jewellers, flexibility in designs and assured quality.

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