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    SYNERGISED Launches Crowdfunding Efforts to Expand Product Line with Bespoke Wellbeing Solutions, Grow Team & Boost Marketing

    Wellness brand and nutrition platform Synergised has gone live to the public with its first round of crowdfunding, looking to raise £125,000 by 12 March 2024 to funnel into new product launches, strategic hires, and marketing efforts.

    Synergised plans to utilise the investment to grow the business, pumping funding into key hires in positions such as Head of Growth and Financial Analyst, as well as across areas including social media and customer service. Funding will also be used to launch new health supplements, expand the brand’s existing product line, and increase production scale for retail opportunities, as well as launch a range of marketing initiatives including PR campaigns, influencer collaborations, paid media, and events.


    Investors will receive an array of incentives, with a tiered reward system starting from just £500 investment, spanning perks such as supplement subscriptions, expert health consultations, personalised nutrition plans, at-home lab test kits and private health coaching. Perks for investment of £20,000 and upwards include brand ambassadorship, lifetime access to the Synergised Membership Platform, inclusion in the Founders Circle which incorporates early access to new products and features, and custom wellness programmes.

    Synergised was founded by Paula Benedi, a certified Integrative Health Practitioner inpaula-benedi-founder-of-synergised Holistic Health, following her journey with chronic health issues throughout her early life. Exploring natural health practices enabled Benedi to develop an in-depth relationship with how the foods we consume impact our holistic health, which informed her creation of a range of supplements designed to boost wellbeing beyond what the traditional Western diet can offer, as well as developing a unique membership platform and at-home lab tests.

    The brand’s unique membership programme and offering of one-to-one health consultations is in line with growing consumer demand for bespoke and personalised wellbeing solutions, as one-size-fits-all approaches drop out of favour, presenting investors with the opportunity to be a part of an innovative, exciting name in the holistic health space.

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