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    Safe Places to buy Cryptocurrency in the UK? – Best Crypto Traders

    If you are one of the citizens who live in the UK and are interested in cryptocurrency then you must have thought about the safe places to buy a cryptocurrency. In recent years, the demands of cryptocurrency are increasing more and more people are getting to know about it. Many have doubts regarding the mining of cryptocurrencies. People have a positive approach towards it and in the upcoming years more and more people will get into this.

    Here we are with all the analytical knowledge to buy a cryptocurrency in the UK. It does not depend on whether you are an experienced trader or a newcomer. We have taken care of both types of people to buy Bitcoin in the UK. We have enlisted the top traders and service providers that you will surely like in the UK.

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    Buying a cryptocurrency in the UK – Points to remember

    You should be well aware of the working environment and the chances of your success before entering into a particular field. Without the proper knowledge, you may lose track. So here we have listed some of the key points which you should remember before going into the crypto world.

    • Secure Trading– First of all the security and trust are important. The service you choose should abide by the rules and regulations of the UK. IT should be legal and without any fraud. Trust and reputation are necessary before investing your valuable money. You should research that place in depth before choosing a particular service.
    • Fee and the Commission- Most of the services out there have good fee value, but it is better to first research the company and the service providers to get to know which service is best suited as per your payment methods and budget.
    • Features of Trading- It all depends on your status. If you an experienced trader you may go for services that have unique features but if you are new to this you should definitely go for the usability of the service.

    Safe Places to buy Cryptocurrency in the UK

    1. Bit Pandabitpanda

    Bit Panda was launched in the year 2014 and in few years, it became one of the most reputed and trusted places to buy or sell your bitcoins or another cryptocurrency in the UK. In the starting, they were small and only dealt with low-value cryptocurrency. Later as they had many positive reviews over a period of time, they started expanding the business.

    Now they are one of the most trusted companies out there which deal not only with Bitcoins but also the selling and purchases of other cryptocurrencies. They also have deals for metals and are available to host many more services as well. They have a wide range of cryptocurrencies you can choose from. According to the latest reports they deal with almost 50 cryptocurrencies. These key points help them to become the best sites in order to carry the transaction of cryptocurrency.

    2. BinanceBinance Jersey

    The founder of the Binance is Changpeng Zhao. The Binance was launched in 2017. From then it has become the most reputed place to buy a cryptocurrency. They are instantaneous in their exchanges and a well-established firm. Malta is known as their regulation base from where they deal all around the world in huge amounts and make huge daily transactions. They evolved themselves as the need of the customers to expand their company. You can buy your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies directly with the help of a credit or a debit card.

    They have a secured gateway of payment and there are no cases of fraud and scams by the company to date. The fee of the purchases of the cryptocurrency by the firm is a little expensive but it still ranks at the top due to the trust and the reputation in the market. They usually charge a fee of around 1.5 percent to 2 percent depending upon the method of transaction. The transactions and also the logins are very swift compared to many other places. It hardly takes few minutes to get verified via your legal documents in order to start the trading. You can not only purchase Bitcoin but also several other cryptocurrencies out there presently.

    3. PaybisPayBis

    Paybis is also one of the safe and excellent destinations to buy Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies in the UK. Since the establishment in the year 2014, they have grown a lot in the market with their secured transaction and swift payment methods making it trustworthy and establishing a good name in the market.

    Paybis is strict regarding security and is one of the safest places for purchases as it requires many legal documents including the AML and the KYC. In Paybis you can find many cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tron, Ethereum, and many more.

    4. KriptomatKriptoMat

    The Kriptomat has been operating from Estonia since 2018 and is known as a European exchange of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. This is one of the first priorities of many top project handlers and thus makes a reputed image in the cryptocurrency exchange market.

    It has a very user-friendly system that meets all the needs of the customers. Since its establishment, they have grown a lot and in the present state, they deal with almost 80 countries all around the globe. Kriptomat makes it to the top lists of the safest destinations to buy cryptocurrency. It follows all the legal and international regulations which are needed.

    5. WirexWirex

    Wirex is known as the UK-based exchange firm for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and is a renowned place to buy cryptocurrency safely. Wirex supports almost all kinds of cryptocurrency transactions.

    They established themselves in 2014 and have expanded the company to more than 100 countries and now operating as one of the leading places to buy cryptocurrency. Crypto method is also one of the platforms where you can start trading.


    So, there are various safe places where you can choose to buy cryptocurrency and it completely depends on your choice. You can also have exchanges of many cryptocurrencies including NANO, Waves, Ethereum, Wirex token, Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies currently present all around the globe through different destinations in the UK.

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