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    19 Prestigious London Hotels Hosting Business Events

    From conferences, product launches, seminars, tradeshows to executive retreats, there is a near endless list of business events that companies hold throughout the year. Often, businesses improvise by using their own facilities or offices to accommodate the event. But take a moment to think of the influential people who are going to be present.

    Wouldn’t you want to leave a good impression? And what better way to do that than by making a bold statement? Instead of always holding events and meetings at your workplace, how about a change of scenery? Take things a notch higher and find a more presentable yet luxurious setting for inspiration. There are numerous prestigious London Hotels where you can host glamorous business events and leave everyone on a high.

    Wondering where to host your next business event? Check our compiled list here and choose the recommended hotel that offers exactly what you’re looking for to host your event:

    London Hotels Hosting Business Events

    1. The Shangri-La Hotel

      Shangri-La Hotel - business event venue London

      Renowned for its luxurious, upscale setting, the Shangri-La Hotel at the Shard London is a perfect place for your power business events. They have a wide selection of services including large conference rooms, free Wi-Fi, restaurant, gym and pool, among other services. It helps a great deal that this hotel is strategically located in the city close to transport links with a gorgeous view over London.

      Here your guests can enjoy fantastic drinks and foods as they chat away and network during your business occasion.

    2. CitizenM

      CitizenM - An overnight business eventHolding an overnight business event? Why don’t you guarantee your guests exquisite accommodation at the CitizenM hotel? Some of the amenities here include a modern café bar, well-furnished meeting rooms, 24-hour canteen, free Wi-Fi, and a breathtaking ambience. This modernized breed of hotels focuses on a new type of traveller – one who values luxury in central city locations at an affordable price. A new generation of hybrid hotels goes beyond just being a place to sleep, but somewhere to work, relax, and play.

    3. Aloft London Excel

      Aloft London Excel - Large event hotels LondonNeed plenty of space? Whether you are a car manufacturer unveiling new models or a real estate firm showing new developments, Aloft hotel is a prestigious venue with plenty of event space for anything you need. Here you won’t face problems setting up or fitting products to showcase. At the same time, your staff can enjoy luxury rooms, a gym and a swimming pool after a long day of meetings and events.

    4. Claridge’s Mayfair

      Claridge’s Mayfair - hotel for business eventsNothing says bold better than a business event at the Claridge’s Mayfair hotel. They stock the best champagnes, have the best food, and offer facilities adorned with dazzling art décor. They have huge conference rooms, a gym and spa, private meeting rooms and dining rooms, and provide exclusive customer service. This venue is the right choice for a very glamorous business event to showcase jewellery or other luxury products, providing the perfect atmosphere for your customers.

    5. Andaz Liverpool

      Andaz Liverpool - London Hotels Hosting Business EventsThe walls, paintings, furniture, music, food, and everything else about this hotel are designed to work together to cultivate a certain mood. A mood that whispers luxury. This 5-star hotel offers free services to its guests including snacks and drinks, Wi-Fi, access to the fitness centre and local calls among numerous other freebies. Perfect for a brief business event situated directly in the city so ideal for finance, insurance or legal businesses.

    6. Ham Yard Hotel

      The Ham Yard Hotel presents an ‘all under one roof’ type of service where your guests can find everything in one place. This includes curated shops, courtyards, restaurants, meeting rooms, a bar and entertainment. If you intend to entertain your clients after your event or meetings then this is the right place.

    7. The Great Northern Hotel

      hotel for business events - The Great Northern HotelFirst opened in 1854, The Great Northern Hotel has managed to maintain a level of style, class and elegance that most hotels are unable to. This hotel has established itself as the go-to place for corporate events and continental travellers coming for business as the World’s First Great Railway Hotel literally by King’s Cross station, which connects to many European cities via the Eurostar rail services. Pick this hotel, if you want to host international clients.

    8. One Aldwych

      One Aldwych - best hotels in london for business meetingsDon’t look down on this hotel’s minimalist appearance. Everything is intentional. The goal is to attract and focus your attention and that of your guests to the posh finishings. Here, you can rest assured that your guests are well looked after throughout their stay with the hotel providing excellent tips on all leisure activities in and around Covent Garden. They will arrange a theatre or opera visit for their guests and provide special collaborations with nearby venues to enable the best experiences for their visitors.

    9. Hoxton Hotel

      When you want to find a luxury hotel that is affordable, modern, and conveniently located, then the Hoxton Hotel is your best bet. Ideal for younger businesses that refuse to be left behind even with a lower than usual budget to hold a grand event. Here, you can still accommodate guests, hold a successful function without breaking an arm and a leg financially.

    10. The Four Seasons

      The Four Seasons is one of the landmark Hotels every business would want to be associated with. Holding one of your events here would leave your guests and clients asking questions regarding who you really are and about the company’s operations as this simply proclaims success. You’ve made it when you can host your clients or business partners here.

    11. Me by Melia

      Having borrowed heavily from the Spanish culture, the Me by Melia hotel is perfect for when you have visitors from Spanish speaking countries attending your scheduled business event. The most intriguing thing about this place is the intricate architecture. This combined with delicious food and drinks is a superb recipe for a successful business event.

    12. The Curtain

      Care for some live music? Is five-star treatment your cup of tea? The curtain is a well-known hotel in Shoreditch London where the who’s who in the corporate world come to unwind. This makes it an ideal centre to hold your business event as the guests you are probably expecting already frequent the place.

    13. Savoy

      The Savoy Hotel has positioned itself as a centre for both business and pleasure. Why don’t you take advantage of both by holding your event here and accommodating your guests at the hotel too? A pricey affair that will not fail to impress. And the famous London musicals are easily accessible when stepping out of the Savoy.

    14. Charing Cross

      If you and your guests are up to some fun and entertainment during your business dealings, then the theatre, bar, and kitchen at the Charing Cross will leave engraved memories on your mind to treasure. This venue is ideal for a brief event with a few guests, especially if you’re in the art or creative industry.

    15. L’oscar London

      This hotel is a delight for when you are holding an intimate occasion. With prior and proper planning, you can host a successful business event at this Baroque-style hotel, which was a church in the past, that will be the talk of the town for weeks or even months. Situated amongst a grand literary hub, a thriving mix of bars, shops and restaurants, this venue could serve businesses who want to “be different” and slightly mysterious, but also traditional.

    16. The Reubens at the Palace

      After undergoing massive renovations, this hotel, which is right next to Buckingham Palace, has become a revered venue for both business and pleasure type of events due to the traditional and grand interior. On top of that, it offers group accommodations and caters to any requirements a business might need. If you’re a traditionalist and also care about sustainability, pick this hotel – your guests will appreciate your eye for detail.

    17. The Marylebone

      Are you having a good number of young clients attending your event? Then the Marylebone Hotel is where they’ll want to be as they offer various trendy services such as cocktail classes, DJ session every weekend as well as fantastic themed events like a Superbowl party. Perfect for young London startups!

    18. The Landmark London

      Come here ready to spare no cost and expect the best services in return. They’ve got spacious rooms for meetings and events and serve you and your guests glittery champagne and sample food from international cuisines.

    19. Conrad London St. James

      Conrad London St. James’s core mantra is ‘Pay less, get more’ and this it seems is what you get once you book to host an event with them. With the positive reviews from some of their clients, one good look at their facilities, and you’ll easily see why they gather such love and respect from business leaders.

    If you were ever at a loss trying to find the best venue fit to accommodate a high-status business event, you now know where in London you are assured to hold impeccable and memorable business meetings.

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    Manuela Willbold
    Blogger and Educator by Passion | Senior Online Media & PR Strategist at ClickDo Ltd. | Contributor to many Education, Business & Lifestyle Blogs in the United Kingdom & Germany | Summer Course Student at the London School of Journalism and Course Instructor at the SeekaHost University.


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