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    Top 35 Law Firms in London for Small Business Legal Services

    Small businesses don’t enjoy that much leeway when it comes to spending. A lot of things get cast aside as extra or unwanted costs. Legal services are, more often than not, seen as unnecessary. But a wrong turn of events can soon prove that no business, big or small, can afford to risk operating without legal services.

    Plenty of businesses struggle after being sued for employee discrimination, sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and other legal violations. If these businesses had a reliable legal partner in place, the situation would have been vindicated way earlier.

    Are you a small business in London? Want to stay on the safe side? Here are our top 35 law firms in London offering legal services ideal for small businesses.

    1. Penningtons Manches LLP

    With offices spread across London and the UK at large, Penningtons Manches LLP has managed to build a strong reputation as a top law firm. They have 110 partners and over 600 employees, all who offer legal services to owner-managed and startup businesses.

    2. Eversheds Sutherland

    Market insight is paramount in a law firm meant to offer its services to an upcoming business. That is what Eversheds have successfully offered other business owners across London and the UK. They seem to be quite conversant in the tech field hence ideal for tech start-ups.

    3. Linklaters

    A world-renowned law firm prominent among large established corporations is the Linklaters advocates. But don’t be too intimidated, this firm is never one to turn away promising small businesses in need of legal advice.

    4. Gelbergs

    Want an upper hand over your competitors? Are you eager to exploit opportunities in the market? Then a partner like Gelbergs law firm can help you meet these goals.

    5. DLA Piper Global

    This firm prides itself on being the most affordable and for offering the best legal representation to individuals and businesses. DLA Piper Global are strict on maintaining values like trust, excellence and quality with all their clients.

    6. WSGR

    As a small business, you want to be sure that the firm you choose is easily accessible, affordable and has a positive public image. WSGR is a law firm that meets all the requirements. It has a clean background and continues to support developing businesses.

    7. Clifford Chance

    With a list of bespoke services that your business will find quite valuable, Clifford Chance is certainly a cut above the rest. They offer services in litigation for various sectors and industries; hence any business can feel well represented and cushioned.

    8. EIP

    Over the years, EIP has proven knowledgeable and valuable for clients and businesses in whatever sector to have. Whether your business is in the tech, education, real estate, retail, import and export sectors, you’re in good hands with EIP.

    9. Field Fisher Waterhouse

    Nothing paints an honest picture of a law firm better than its former clients. Field Fisher Waterhouse has collected plenty of positive testimonials, which is proof enough that you can trust them to represent and advise you.

    10. Allen and Overy

    If you are a growing company, it may be in your best interest to have the professional team of Allen and Overy close by. They can offer all sorts of valuable legal advice on your company operations and have plenty of lawyers to offer the necessary support should you face legal issues.

    11. Lewis Silkin

    Lewis Silkin is a top tier law firm that believes in ensuring small businesses achieve sustainable growth. They’ve got excellent customer service too.


    Formerly known as Wragge & Co, this law firm’s creativity and innovative nature is the reason behind its success. They are conversant on legal issues in different sectors and industries and hence can offer valid advice on practically anything business-related.

    13. Herbert Smith Freehills

    Herbert Smith Freehills, With decade’s worth of experience offering impeccable legal services to upcoming businesses, you will certainly not be gambling or taking a risk by asking them to come on board.

    14. Taylor Wessing

    Another large law firm that is ever quick to welcome tech startups and other businesses. If you’re looking for a respectable and experienced law firm to work with, then Taylor Wessing makes the cut.

    15. Wiggin

    If you are having difficulty managing your finances, you want to avoid being exploited, or you want to protect your business assets, then Wiggin is the big wit of law firms that can guarantee you proper representation.

    16. Ganguin Samartin

    Ganguin Samartin: Personal and human is what makes these advocates the best choice for most businesses. This applies especially if you are an immigrant or a non-native trying to operate your own business in London.

    17. Swindell & Pearson

    Well versed in patent and trademark law, Swindell & Pearson are the best people to partner with whenever you want to protect your unique creations and innovations.

    18. CMS

    CMS seem to have a good grasp of all legal procedures and expertise surrounding business tax. They are also great at offering legal counsel to businesses in fast-growing sectors like tech.

    19. Purewal and Partners LLP

    If your young business is in the entertainment industry, then Purewal and Partners LLP is a company that you want to work with. They are known to value start-up clients more.

    20 Irwin Mitchell

    If you are lost for choice, Irwin Mitchell is your best bet. This firm offers legal counsel on all issues touching on commercial and business law.

    21. DAC Beachcroft

    Known more for representing established companies, DAC Beachcroft is the best fit for you if you are a tech start-up.

    22. North Star Law

    North Star Law: Despite being based on the outskirts of London, this firm has positioned itself as a strong partner for developing businesses in matters of property, immigration, and tax.

    23. Addleshaw Goddard LLP

    Addleshaw Goddard LLP is known to be the best for those businesses that value reliable legal counsel surrounding issues like marketing, technology, branding, communication, and sports among other areas.

    24. Darlingtons Solicitors LLP

    Darlingtons Solicitors LLP: A relatively small law firm that is just perfect if you want to share an intimate relationship while simultaneously getting the best legal support.

    25. Withers LLP

    Withers LLP: Another law firm with a ton of expertise on commercial law, something that small businesses can appreciate.

    26. Harper James Solicitors

    Harper James Solicitors: This is a full-service law firm that understands and appreciates all aspects of commercial law. The majority of their clients include small businesses, startups and medium-sized businesses.

    27. Osborne Clark

    Businesses face threatening challenges owing to environmental, political, and economic issues. Osborne Clark is a well-known firm with a track record in helping businesses get out of such fixes.

    28. Penningtons Manches Cooper

    Penningtons Manches Cooper: Here, you’ll find hundreds of experienced legal experts ready to offer legal aid and assistance when and where you need it the most.

    29. JAG Shaw Baker

    JAG Shaw Baker: A relatively young firm that has grown in leaps and bounds to become a top legal rep for established corporates and small tech startups as well.

    30. Mills & Reeve

    Mills & Reeve are competent litigators known for their good reputation and solid work ethic. This could be the strong foundation on which they’ve managed to earn their clients’ trust and win cases.

    31. Orrick

    Compliance, transaction, and litigation are only a few of the numerous commercial legal advice you will acquire from Orrick attorneys.

    32. Ince & Co

    Ince & Co: Advocates who understand your market and its challenges and offer top-notch legal advice to help beat any hurdles in your quest to achieve your goals.

    33. Hill Dickinson

    Should you need legal advice, whether you are facing a lawsuit, trying to avoid one or simply curious about an issue, Hill Dickson is that one firm that always seems ready to help.

    34. Stephenson Harwood

    Stephenson Harwood: A world-renowned law firm with all the necessary experience, tools, and resources to make sure your businesses are well protected, advised and represented on all matters law.

    35. Kennedys

    Kennedys: A law firm that is ever adamant about keeping your competitors on their toes, and you, the small business owner ever at peace and fully informed about crucial legal issues connected to your company.

    Above are 35 valid options from which you can choose to find proper legal counsel or representation as a London business. Something that should remain a top priority for all companies looking to become huge contenders in their industry.

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