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    Cheap Rubbish Removal Prices in London Compared by Snappy Rubbish Removals

    Hello there! I’m Stoyan Staykov.

    I’m the founder of Snappy Rubbish Removals. 

    More importantly, for you, I understand the one question that matters to you. 

    The most common yet challenging question in our field remains the same: “What is the right price for rubbish removal services in London?” 

    At first glance, the answer seems elusive – rubbish removal prices in London can range from as low as £25 to as high as £2,500 as you can see on platforms that can collect that data

    But don’t let this wide range deter you; there’s a lot to unpack here, and that’s precisely what I intend to do in this guide as a specialist in this industry.

    I’ve been immersed in the rubbish removal industry since 2006. In fact I got into this business chasing an idea that occurred to me when my family ended up with 6 skips outside the house, in an innocent attempt to clear away household waste! I’ve spoken of this incident and my other experiences in an interview published on London Business News

    Over 17+ years in the industry, I’ve spoken to at least 1,000 customers with diverse needs. 

    I’ve dissected the pricing logic of at least 50 competitors in the waste removal market.  

    My team asks every customer the same question: “What was the rubbish removal price quote you got from others?”, “Have you ever paid anything less than the price we’re charging for our removal service?”, and “Do you find the pricing has been properly explained to you?”

    I aim to explore every angle of this pricing conundrum. 

    • Overview of rubbish removal prices in London
    • What factors influence rubbish removal prices in London?
    • Why is there such massive variation in rubbish removal prices in London?
    • Skip hire vs man-and-van vs rubbish removal service – price comparison
    • Price comparison of mattress and furniture removal services in London
    • Mattress Removal Prices In London
    • Furniture Removal Prices in London
    • Rubbish removal in London – price calculator guide
    • How to find the cheapest rubbish removal prices in London?
    • Rubbish removal prices in London for specific items
    • Rubbish removals pricing in London – FAQs

    Stay tuned as we explore what constitutes the cheapest rubbish removal prices in London (all prices in this post may be subject to change in future).

    Overview of Rubbish Removal Prices in London


    You’ll find that the pricing varies depending on various factors:

    1. Hourly Pricing: For small, quick jobs, prices might start around £50 per hour.
    2. Weight and Volume-Based Pricing: A typical half-van load might cost around £150.
    3. Project-Based Pricing: Complete house clearances can go up to £500, depending on the project’s scale.
    4. Special Waste Category Pricing: For restaurants or clinics, specialised disposal might start at around £200.
    5. Mixed Waste Removal: Combining different waste types, prices might start from £120.
    6. Garden Waste Removal: Starting at around £70 for a small amount.
    7. Furniture Removal: For bulky items, prices can start from £80.

    Stan’s Pricing Table

    What’s the Pricing Method?What’s the Pricing Unit?What’s the Lower End?What’s the Higher End?What’s the Average?
    Hourly RatePer Hour£50£100£75
    Volume-BasedPer Cubic Yard£60£180£120
    Weight-BasedPer Ton£70£200£135
    Project-BasedPer Project£200£500£350
    Special WastePer Type£200£400£300
    Mixed WastePer Load£120£250£185
    Garden WastePer Bag£70£150£110
    Furniture RemovalPer Item£80£200£140
    Appliance DisposalPer Appliance£50£150£100
    Construction DebrisPer Load£150£300£225

    This table gives an overview of the different pricing methods, units, and ranges you might encounter in London’s rubbish removal services in 2023. 

    Prices vary based on the job’s nature, the waste type, and the service provider. 

    Remember, these are estimates and can vary depending on specific circumstances.

    I know what you’re thinking: Figuring out rubbish removal prices in London seems quite complex! And you’re right, which is why we are transparent about our Snappy Rubbish Removals pricing

    Every home, every business, their waste – it’s all unique. How you think about waste, and how waste removal companies operate, it varies greatly. 

    That’s exactly why I decided to contribute this guide – to shed light on this often confusing topic. 

    My goal is to help you verify the legitimacy of any waste removal quote you receive. 

    I have one goal – you will never overpay for waste removal in London. 

    Let’s first understand the various factors influencing rubbish removal prices in London to remove that blindfold of uncertainty. 

    By doing so, we’ll explore both the cheapest and the best rubbish removal prices in London.

    What Factors Influence Rubbish Removal Prices in London?

    Understanding rubbish removal prices in London can be a bit of a puzzle. 

    Let’s break down the factors that influence these costs:

    • Labour Costs: If you need a quick job or there’s a lot to handle, more crew is needed. For instance, a 3-person team for a large house clearance could charge around £75 per hour.
    • Size of Waste: Different items like bulky furniture, air conditioning units, or numerous trash bags affect pricing. A large amount of mixed waste might cost about £300.
    • Nature of Waste: Hazardous materials, like chemicals from a lab, or bulky items like old sofas, can increase disposal costs significantly, perhaps by £150.
    • Distance to Disposal Site: If your property is located far from the disposal site, this adds to the travel costs. For instance, a location 30 miles away might increase the price by £50 due to fuel and time spent.
    • Urgency of Service: If you require immediate service, like clearing out a venue post-event, this urgency can add a premium, possibly £30, for expedited processing.
    • Accessibility of the Property: Difficult access points, like narrow alleyways or high-rise buildings without lifts, can make the job more labour-intensive, thus adding around £40.
    • Local Disposal Fees: Different boroughs might have varying fees, like higher charges for electronic waste disposal in certain areas, potentially adding £60 to your bill.
    • Time of Day: Requesting a job outside of regular hours, like late evening or early morning clearances, could come with a surcharge of £20 due to the inconvenience.
    • Recycling Requirements: If your waste requires special sorting or disposal, like separating electronic parts or recycling a large amount of plastic, this could add £35 for the extra effort.
    • Additional Services: Sometimes, additional services like cleaning the area after rubbish removal are requested. This can be particularly relevant for commercial spaces or after large events, potentially adding about £70 to the total cost.

    You can see why there is so much variation in rubbish removal prices in London.

    This is why it’s crucial to understand how services set their rubbish removal prices in London.

    Why is there such massive variation in rubbish removal prices in London?

    How can it be fair that you might be quoted anything between £50 and £500 for very similar jobs?

    Let me tell you the biggest secret about rubbish removal pricing. 

    It’s all about the resources a company has. Like at Snappy Waste Removal, we’ve got our own tipping yard. This means we can work all week and be more efficient. That’s how we keep our rubbish removal prices in London low and fair for you.

    Now, let’s talk of something we don’t speak about often enough in waste removal services. Ethics in pricing –  that’s so important. We don’t think it’s fair to charge extra on weekends, but some companies do. 

    You shouldn’t see a different price when they arrive. But unfortunately, some look for reasons to bump up the price on site, like complaining about a narrow stairway or not mentioning extra charges for big items in the original quote. That’s not how we do things at Snappy. We believe in being upfront and fair from the start.

    Skip Hire vs Man-and-Van vs Rubbish Removal Service – Price Comparison

    When considering rubbish removal options in London, compare hiring a skip, using a ‘man and van’ service, and employing a rubbish removal company. 

    Each option has its own set of advantages and potential drawbacks, especially concerning pricing. Let’s unpack these choices:

    1. Hiring a Skip

      • Advantages: Skips are useful for ongoing projects with lots of heavy and loose waste, like rubble or soil. They allow you to work at your own pace and can be more cost-effective for larger amounts of waste.
      • Disadvantages: There can be additional charges for permits if the skip is on a public highway. You must load the skip yourself, and some items like fridges or TVs can’t be placed in the skip. Regardless of how much you fill it, you pay for the whole skip. In busy cities like London, access restrictions and the need for permits can be problematic.
      • Skip Pricing: Skip hire can range from approximately £200 to £300, but this can vary based on size and rental duration.

    2. Man and Van Service

        • Advantages: Typically cheaper than hiring a skip, as you only pay for the rubbish they take away. They load the van and can take away items not allowed in skips, including hazardous waste. It’s convenient for mid-sized, one-off jobs.
        • Disadvantages: There’s a risk of unlicensed operators who don’t dispose of waste legally. It can be more expensive than skip hire for getting rid of heavy waste due to weight restrictions and possibly requiring more than one trip.
        • Man-and-van Pricing: Prices for a man and van service can begin from £140 to £220, but this can increase if multiple trips are needed or for heavier waste.

    3. Rubbish Removal Service

        • Advantages: Ideal for diverse or hazardous waste, offering comprehensive services like sorting and recycling. They provide convenience, especially for swift and hassle-free service.
        • Disadvantages: It may be more expensive than the other options for larger or more complex tasks.
        • Rubbish Removal Pricing: Rubbish removal prices in London vary widely, starting from about £50 for small jobs.

    The skip versus man-and-van, or skip versus rubbish removal service choice depends on the nature and size of your waste, as well as convenience and cost considerations.

    • A skip is more suited for larger, ongoing projects where you can handle loading yourself. 
    • A man and van service is ideal for small-sized jobs.
    • A rubbish removal service is best for diverse or special waste removals.

    Price Comparison of Mattress and Furniture Removal Services in London

    Let’s talk about two specific types of rubbish removal services in London: mattress removal and furniture removal. 

    By understanding how these services are priced, you can better gauge which option suits your needs and budget.

    Mattress Removal Prices in London

    Mattresses vary in size and condition, which affects the cost of removal. Let’s look at some details:

    1. Pricing Based on Size: The cost of mattress removal depends on the size of the mattress. For example, a single mattress removal can cost between £10 and £40, whereas removing a king-size mattress might cost between £40 and £70.
    2. Council Services: Local council services offer mattress removal, often at a varied cost depending on the region. In London, this might average around £20.
    3. Condition of Mattress: If your mattress is still in good condition, donating it could be a cheaper alternative. Reusable mattresses are often welcomed by charities.
    4. Alternatives to Removal Services: Some retailers offer removal services when you purchase a new mattress, sometimes free or for a fee around £40.

    Mattress Removal in London: Price Table

    Item DescriptionAverage Price
    Bedding Bundle£15.00
    Baby Cot (including mattress)£50.00
    Decorative Cushions£5.00
    Double Bed Base (Divan style)£30.00
    Double Bed Frame£30.00
    Standard Double Mattress£40.00
    Large Emperor Mattress£65.00
    King / Queen Bed Base (Divan)£40.00
    King / Queen Bed Frame£40.00
    King / Queen Size Mattress£45.00
    Mattress Pad£15.00

    Furniture Removal Prices in London 

    Furniture removal can be more complex due to the variety of items and their sizes. Here are some key aspects:

    1. Type of Furniture: The cost varies depending on whether you’re removing a sofa, wardrobe, or bed. Larger items typically cost more to remove.
    2. Volume of Furniture: The more furniture you have to remove, the higher the cost. Pricing is often based on the volume or the number of items.
    3. Access to Property: Difficulty in accessing your property, like narrow staircases or lack of parking, can increase costs.
    4. Additional Services: Some services offer cleaning after removal, which can add to the cost.

    Furniture Removal in London: Price Table

    Furniture ItemAverage Range
    Table/Desk£20 to £140
    Armchair£20 to £110
    Sofa£25 to £125
    Upright Piano£95 to £210
    Grand Piano£100 to £315

    These tables give an overview of what you can expect to pay for specific rubbish removal services in London. 

    Remember, these are estimates and can vary depending on the provider and your specific situation. 

    By comparing these options, you can find both the cheapest and best rubbish removal prices in London that meet your needs.

    Rubbish Removal in London – Price Calculator Guide

    You don’t need a fancy rubbish removal price calculator. Grab a pen and paper. 

    1. Identify Your Waste Type: Start by categorising your waste. Is it general household waste, garden waste, construction debris, or hazardous material? Different types of waste can incur different costs.
    2. Estimate the Volume: Try to estimate how much waste you have in cubic yards or by the number of bags. A standard rubbish bag is roughly one-tenth of a cubic yard.
    3. Consider the Weight: For heavier waste like construction debris, think about the weight, as some services charge based on this.
    4. Determine Urgency: Do you need a same-day service or can it wait? Urgent services usually cost more.
    5. Accessibility: Consider how easy or difficult it is to access the waste. If it’s in a location that’s hard to reach, this might add to the cost.
    6. Extra Services: Do you require additional services like cleaning after removal or dismantling of furniture? These will add to the overall cost.
    7. Check Local Council Fees: If you’re considering using council services for certain types of waste, check their fees as they can vary.

    Now, using these steps, let’s create a rough guide to calculating the cost:

    Example Calculation

    • Waste Type: General Household Waste
    • Volume: 5 cubic yards (about 50-60 standard bags)
    • Weight: Not applicable for general waste
    • Urgency: Standard service
    • Accessibility: Easy access from the roadside
    • Extra Services: None
    • Council Fees: Not applicable

    Based on average prices in London, you can start with a base rate of £50 for a small amount of waste. Add approximately £20-£30 for each additional cubic yard. For our example, this would be:

    • Base rate: £50
    • Additional 4 cubic yards: £80-£120
    • Total estimated cost: £130-£170

    Remember, these are rough estimates and actual prices may vary. It’s always best to get a few quotes from different service providers to find both the cheapest and best rubbish removal prices in London.

    This guide provides a way for readers to approximate the cost of rubbish removal in London, even in the absence of a calculator widget.

    How to find the cheapest Rubbish Removal Prices in London?

    Now, if you’re looking to hire a rubbish removal service in London, it’s crucial to ask the right questions, especially regarding pricing. 

    Here are 10 probing questions you should ask to ensure you’re getting the best rubbish removal prices in London:

    1. Will there be any additional charges upon your arrival at the site that I should be aware of?
    2. Is the quoted price all-inclusive or are there separate fees for services like loading and sorting?
    3. Do you charge extra for weekend or evening jobs?
    4. If the job takes longer than expected, will there be an increase in the quoted price?
    5. How do you calculate the price – is it based on volume, weight, or type of waste?
    6. Are there any types of waste that incur additional charges, such as electronic items or hazardous materials?
    7. Do you offer any discounts for repeat customers or larger jobs?
    8. Is the disposal method you use reflected in the pricing, particularly for environmentally friendly disposal?
    9. Can you provide a detailed breakdown of the quote?
    10. Are there any cancellation fees or charges if the scope of the job changes?

    Asking these questions can help you understand the pricing model of the rubbish removal service and ensure there are no surprises when it comes to payment. Remember, the cheapest rubbish removal prices in London may not be the best choice, but understanding the pricing can help you make an informed decision.

    Ever since we started Snappy Rubbish Removals, we’ve always focused on how we can pass the benefits of efficient processes and lower costs onto our customers. 

    That’s why, even today, we’re one of the few rubbish removal services in London that don’t charge extra for weekend jobs and can cater to even small tasks like picking up a single item. 

    Rubbish Removal Prices in London for Specific Items

    When considering special item removal prices used by some vendors, be aware that there are often additional charges for specific items due to the extra care or special handling they require. 

    Here’s a table that reflects these costs with slight adjustments as per your request:

    Supplement TypeAdjusted Price (Ex-VAT)
    Additional Labour (30 min)£50.00
    Extra Weight (100kg)£30.00
    Cushioned Household Furniture (each)£40.00
    Standard Household Refrigerator (each)£55.00
    Double-Door Refrigerator (each)£100.00
    Compact Commercial Refrigerator (each)£90.00
    Spacious Commercial Refrigerator (each)£120.00 – £220.00
    Air Conditioning Units (each)£35.00
    Rubber Tire (each)£10.00 and £15.00 with Rims
    Portable Gas Cylinders (each)£20.00
    Fire Safety Extinguishers (each)£20.00
    Bulky Gas Cylinders£45.00
    Television & Display Monitors£10.00
    Paint Cans – per 5L (each)£10.00
    Sleeping Mattress (each)£35.00
    Fluorescent Light Tubes (each)£2.00
    Secure Document Disposal (Bag)£10.00

    This table includes a variety of special items that might incur additional charges during rubbish removal. 

    Always remember, these are indicative prices and can vary depending on the service provider and location within London. 

    It’s always best to confirm these details directly with the rubbish removal service for the most accurate pricing.

    Rubbish Removals Pricing in London – FAQs

    1. What are the average rubbish removal prices in London?

    The average rubbish removal prices in London can vary significantly based on factors like the volume of waste, type of waste, and urgency of the service. Generally, prices can start from around £50 for small jobs and can go up to several hundred pounds for larger or more complex removals.

    2. What factors influence the cost of rubbish removal in London?

    Several factors influence the cost, including the amount and type of waste, accessibility of the location, whether the service is needed urgently, and any additional services required like cleaning or dismantling furniture.

    3. How can I find the cheapest rubbish removal prices in London?

    To find the cheapest rubbish removal prices in London, it’s recommended to get quotes from multiple providers, check for any hidden fees, and consider if you can segregate or reduce the waste beforehand to lower the volume.

    4. Are weekend rubbish removal services more expensive in London?

    Some rubbish removal services may charge extra for weekends due to the increased demand. However, this is not a universal practice, and we at Snappy Rubbish Removals do not charge extra for weekend services.

    5. What is the cost difference between skip hire and man and van rubbish removal services in London?

    Skip hire is often more cost-effective for larger, ongoing projects, with prices depending on the size of the skip. Man and van services, which usually include loading by the crew, can be more economical for small-sized, one-off jobs. The exact cost difference will depend on the specific requirements of the job.

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    SNAPPY BY NAME - SNAPPY BY NATURE: We offer Same Day Rubbish Removal In London from £25. We provide 7 days rubbish collection services covering all areas within Greater London and up to 40 miles outside the M25. Our staff is DBS checked, we have GPS tracked vehicles and provide 24/7 customer service.

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