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    15 best Business Magazines in the UK to get featured in

    There are around 2800 magazines in the UK alone in 2022 and this number continues to rise, especially for online magazines.

    Generally, business magazines and corporate magazines can feature UK business news or innovation news, business announcements as press releases, business or entrepreneur interviews, business listings and business advertising for marketing purposes.

    It is currently estimated that 44.3 million people read magazines in the UK per month.

    Therefore, businesses being featured in some of the most renowned and popular business and corporate magazines will drive many more eyeballs toward a business and will boost business leads.

    We have created a list of established UK business magazines that offer collaborations and partnerships with businesses as well as advertising and content marketing opportunities.

    In terms of SEO, businesses are advised to check the domain authority of the publication, the web traffic as well as the target audience to ensure a positive ROI of the partnership, which we have mentioned in the list.

    Top 15 UK Business Magazines and Publications

    1.    Real Business

    Number 1 Real Business Magazine

    URL: https://realbusiness.co.uk/

    Real Business Magazine has been around since 1997. It is published by prosper media.

    On a weekly basis it provides 10 posts for their readers. The magazine is especially known for trending SME news in the UK. Real business magazine’s objective is to offer valuable knowledge to small businesses.

    They share content on financial advice, personal finance, start-ups, the economy, markets and more. Leadership interviews are also featured, which will help readers get to know individual business stories. For new or small business owners this platform is helpful to share business knowledge and tips specifically for SMEs.

    For more information contact: editors@realbusiness.co.uk

    Social Media Presence:
    FB: 4,167 followers
    Twitter: 40.5k followers
    Domain Authority: 61
    Monthly Traffic: 415.5k

    2.    Startups

    Number 2 Startups Magazine

    URL: https://startups.co.uk/

    Startups provides access to thousands of business owners, decision makers, and entrepreneurs who read their content every day to help them make important business choices.

    They feature entrepreneurs, small to medium sized business owners, startups, decision makers, and owners of organisations and share content around business ideas, startup support, networking, product reviews and how to guides, payroll, CRM, accounting business loans.

    For more information contact: hello@startups.co.uk

    Social Media Presence:
    FB + IG +LinkedIn: 90k followers
    Twitter: 73k followers
    Domain Authority: 62
    Monthly Traffic: 250k

    3.    Business Matters Magazine

    number 3 3. Business Matters Magazine

    URL: https://bmmagazine.co.uk/

    Business Matters Magazine was established in 1987 and has become a leading business magazine in the UK. They publish 30 posts per week, covering business news, advice, interviews, entrepreneurs, small businesses and more.

    The Business Matters Magazine subscription is the highest selling subscription of business magazines in the UK. It has 50,000 annual subscribers. All business matters such as finance, legal, tech and more are covered, providing the latest business news which will help readers to be up to date.

    For more information contact: editorial.bm@cbmeg.co.uk

    Social Media Presence:
    FB: 7,274 followers
    Twitter: 36.7 followers
    Domain Rating: 65
    Monthly Traffic: 28.8k

    4.    Insider Media Limited

    Number 4 Insider Media Magazine

    URL: https://www.insidermedia.com/

    The Insider Media Magazine is known as the UK’s top B2B Magazine.

    Five business articles are published per week and businesses can share news, press releases, featured articles, or be listed in business directories.

    Insider Media Magazine has 140,000 email subscribers in the UK, providing your business with good exposure through their regular newsletter. The magazine has many offices in different cities in the UK with Manchester as its headquarters.

    To get more information contact: simon.keegan@newsco.com

    Social Media Presence:
    FB: 1226 followers
    Twitter: 855 followers
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/insider-media
    Domain Authority: 65
    Monthly Traffic: 25.9k

    5.    Business Leader

    Number 6 Business Leader Magazine

    URL: https://www.businessleader.co.uk/

    The Business Leader Magazine is an independent media publishing platform promoting businesses. Readers will find the latest business news, opinions, interviews, publications with CEO’s and Entrepreneurs.

    Publishing your business content here will help you grow your business and give it more visibility and engagement.

    Business leader magazine publishes 10 breaking new stories a day and 30 posts per week.

    For more information contact: editor@businessleader.co.uk

    Social Media Presence:
    FB: 2075 followers
    Twitter: 8026 followers
    : https://www.linkedin.com/company/business-leader-magazine
    Domain Rating: 58
    Monthly Traffic: 22.2k

    6.    UK Business Blog

    Number 6 uk business blog magazine

    URL: www.business.clickdo.co.uk

    The UK Business Blog is a growing business magazine that showcases business news, tips, and insights. Businesses can share interviews, press releases, guest posts or expert opinion pieces, or business discussions covering trending business topics.

    The UK Business Blog publishes over 30 articles per week. Getting your business published here will give your company great exposure among a UK businesses audience.

    To get more information contact: digital@clickdo.co.uk.

    Social Media Presence:
    FB: 4,671 followers
    Twitter: 361 followers
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/clickdo
    Domain Rating: 51
    Monthly Traffic: 20k 

    7.    EBusiness Blog

    Number 7 EBusiness Blog Magazine

    URL: www.ebusinessblog.co.uk

    The E-Business Blog Magazine gives you full coverage of business financials, Crypto, marketing, legal and business tech. It invites businesses to publish and advertise their products and services, provide eBusiness tips and tell their eBusiness story to their readers.

    For more information contact: ben@ebusinessblog.co.uk

    Social Media Presence:
    FB: 966 followers
    Twitter: 6 followers
    Domain Rating: 40
    Monthly Traffic: 10k

    8.  London Business News

    Number 8 London Business News magazine

    URL: https://www.londonbusinessnews.com/

    The London Business News Magazine offers business news, press releases, entrepreneur interviews and general business tips for local London and UK businesses.

    It covers business topics in categories such as finance, law, property, technology, hospitality, education, and London lifestyle to provide a variety of business-related news in various industries and sectors. It is suitable for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and business marketing.

    The London Business News Website is approved by Google News and all posts are indexed very quickly.

    For more information contact: info@londonbusinessnews.com or visit https://www.londonbusinessnews.com/write-for-us-business/.

    Social Media Presence:

    FB: 1902 followers
    Twitter: 11 followers
    Domain Rating: 38
    Monthly Traffic: 4k

    9.    Elite Business News

    Number 9 Elite Business News Magazine

    URL: http://elitebusinessmagazine.co.uk/

    Elite Business Magazine is a good choice to promote smaller or medium sized businesses. It gives a business good visibility within its target audience and the magazine shows every business featured from its owner’s point of view to offer a solid impact.

    The magazine posts 4 articles every week. For more information contact: http://elitebusinessmagazine.co.uk/contact-elite-business-magazine

    Social Media Presence:
    FB: 1k followers
    Twitter: 4.4k followers
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/elitebizmag/
    Domain Rating: 51
    Monthly Traffic: 2.5k

    10.    The Business Magazine

    Number 10 the business magazine

    URL: https://businessmag.co.uk/

    The Business Magazine is especially known for covering the UK’s Southern Business Regions. They have a prime desire to cover professional, financial, legal, entrepreneur and business advice.

    They publish 30 posts per week and showcase new businesses and start-ups.

    For more information contact: editorial@businessmag.co.uk.

    Social Media Presence:
    Twitter: 6.1k followers
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/2554586
    Domain Rating: 40
    Monthly Traffic: 2.3k

    11.    Business Cornwall

    Number 1 business Cornwall magazine

    URL: https://businesscornwall.co.uk/

    Business Cornwall is a part of Cornwall group. It was launched in 2008 and Business Cornwall Magazine lets you connect with the regional business leaders, business advisors, CEO’s, and experts. They deliver the up-to-date Cornish business news to their audience.

    They publish 18 posts per week and provide a great opportunity of exposure to specifically local businesses here.

    For more information contact:morveth@businesscornwall.co.uk

    Social Media Presence:

    FB: 2.8k followers
    Twitter: 15.9k followers
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/business-cornwall/
    Domain Rating: 54
    Monthly Traffic: 1.7k

    12.    BBP Media

    Number 12 bbp media magazine

    URL: https://www.bbpmedia.co.uk/

    BBP Media is the right place to visit for trending business news, tips, advice, and insights. It has established a good reputation in business networking and publishes 30 posts per week.

    For more information contact: hello@bbpmedia.co.uk.
    For press releases head to: https://www.bbpmedia.co.uk/Publish-Press-Release-Online.html

    Social Media Presence:
    FB: 1.3k followers
    Twitter: 5k followers
    Linked: https://www.linkedin.com/company/bbpmedia
    Domain Rating: 38
    Monthly Traffic: 970

    13.      Global Women’s Magazine

    Number 13 global woman business magazine

    URL: https://globalwomanmagazine.com/

    Global Women’s Magazine is a London based magazine targeting female business stories and networking. It is especially renowned for empowering businesswomen.

    For more information contact: info@globalwoman.co.
    Find their guidelines here: https://globalwomanmagazine.com/contribute/

    Social Media Presence:
    FB: 21.9k
    Twitter: 4.1k
    Domain Rating: 38
    Monthly Traffic: 293

    14.    Business Info Magazine

    Number 14 Business Info Magazine

    URL: http://www.businessinfomag.uk/

    Business Info Magazine was launched in 1998. It is suitable for SME’s, Managers, Buyers, Directors and Public Sector Businesses. It publishes 5 posts per week.

    For more information contact: ethan@binfo.co.uk.

    Social Media Presence:
    Twitter: 5.9k followers
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/4982602/admin/
    Domain Rating: 35
    Monthly Traffic: 126

    15.   Best Business Digest

    Number 15 Best Business Digest magazine

    URL: https://www.bestbusinessdigest.com/

    For small business and start-ups, the Best Business Digest is a good place to get their business featured by giving interviews, guest content and advertising. It even offers business skills online training and publishes 30 posts per month.

    For more information contact: info@businessdigest.com
    And find advertising guidelines here: https://www.bestbusinessdigest.com/write-for-us

    Social Media Presence:
    FB: 731 followers
    Twitter: 14.7k followers
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/fanele-moyo-8513181a/#
    Domain Rating: 34
    Monthly Traffic: 66

    Hopefully this list will help you achieve more visibility online by arranging partnerships, features, or collaborations with each in unique ways that will benefit your brand and business. You can then also reap the additional benefits of perhaps getting a link or mention back, which will boost your website’s domain rating and search engine ranks. For businesses looking to get featured in business directories, business magazines or other publications, they can enquire with manuela@clickdo.co.uk for support with press release and guest post writing and publishing.

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