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    Ground-breaking UK Waste Carbonisation Plant with zero toxic Emissions to eradicate Landfill & create sustainable Urban Living

    UK-based business, Pyrolysise, is introducing new waste carbonisation technology with zero toxic emissions as a game-changing solution to reduce greenhouse gases by mining landfill and reclaiming redundant and contaminated land.

    John Bell, Managing Director of Pyrolysise, said:

    “Our technology goes way beyond the usual benefits of a waste recycling process and has huge potential for us to address the housing shortage by cleaning up existing landfills near residential areas, enabling the safe re-development of these areas for affordable housing and leisure amenities.

    “We’re aiming to eradicate landfill sites and create sustainable urban living capable of generating energy, sequestration of carbon and aesthetically blending with local landscapes.”

    Pyrolysise has exclusivity and patent rights to build and install waste carbonisation plants capable of processing unsegregated municipal waste directly from landfill sites or kerbside collections at 900 degrees centigrade.

    The waste carbonisation plant is also ideally suited to manage medical, veterinarian, and abattoir waste at an upgraded 1200 degrees centigrade to meet the ever-increasing global challenge of these waste streams.

    Pyrolysise aims to have the first UK plant operational by Q1 2024 and intends to develop and migrate this technology to Australia, Europe, and the developed and developing world.

    The plant itself is modular in design with a footprint of less than 1000 square meters for a five-tonne per hour plant generating 3-4 MW of electricity directly to the grid or producing clean reusable biochar for fertiliser or heating, and biofuel for power generation.

    The reactor units are containerised for ease of shipping and installation, designed to be functional and as energy efficient as it is aesthetically pleasing. The plant can be built, transported, and installed within six months.

    The Technology

    This innovative, proprietary technology runs a system that renders the plant 100% self-sustainable: it utilises only 10% of its own bio-coal to heat the carbonisation oven and produces no pollutant emissions. All gases from the enclosed pyrolysis process are retrieved and recuperated by a highly efficient distilling structure.

    The Process

    The pyrolysis process is a thermochemical decomposition of organic material. The dry and humid vapours formed in the pyrolysis furnace are routed to the distiller, then after the pyrolysis process, residues are transferred to a cooling and formulation area. The addition of vegetable pigments aid in the agglomeration of biochar, and a briquette machine (a component of the plant) forms bio-coal.

    About Pyrolysise

    Founded in 2021, Pyrolysise is a UK-based co-developer of four different waste processing systems which can recycle and process waste, including plastics, or create valuable offtakes and/or generate heat or electricity – reducing emissions through recycling and creating low-emission power.

    Its award-winning, innovative technology for the carbonisation of municipal solid waste is set to revolutionise the waste industry by enabling the mining, cleaning, and repurposing of landfill sites for positive re-development.

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