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    Sports Trading – Complete Guide

    What is Sports Trading?

    With the digitalization of the world and the rise of the era of technology, this practice has been refined and systematized and, in the process, it gave rise to the practice of Sports Trading. Simply put, sports trading is a more systematic and sophisticated measure that allows gamblers to trade their positions before the conclusion of the sporting event. The motive here is similar to trading in the finance market – buy low and sell high. The result of the game does not matter here, the movement of the position of the gambler does.

    Getting Started

    Getting started sports trading

    Sports trading is not the typical system of betting- also called bookkeeping- as the liability, in this case, is not the entire stake that individuals choose to lay and, in most cases, participants break even if there is no profit. If a novice wishes to enter the world of sports trading, it is generally advised that they possess a good deal of knowledge in the sport and be well acquainted with software trading packages.

    How Does It Work?

    How does sports trading work

    The usual practice of betting involves the participant vouching for one outcome while the other party places bets on the opposite outcome. However, in sports trading, the process of betting is done through betting exchange whereby the participant can place both lay and back bets, i.e., bets both for an outcome and against it. Thus, there is business profit generated or there is no loss endured by the participant. The method to ensure that there is no loss experienced is to ensure that both the bets balance each other, i.e., the movement of the two opposing bets match.

    The participant, also often called the punter, will first place an opening bet-typically 5 minutes before the game starts- under the expectation that it will move (as is usually the case). Now if the prediction of the punter is correct, the stakes of the punter will have increased and the final step is to trade the bet that is in a position of profit-also called the closing bet- covering the liability of the opening bet.  Thus, the punter makes a profit if the condition of their bet comes true and suffers no loss if it doesn’t.

    Ensuring Profit

    Ensuring Profit

    Often punters utilize the process of hedging- also called “greening”- whereby they place a bet higher than the opening one on the more favourable outcome to help neutralize the loss and ensure profits after they observe that their initial bets are not faring well in the course of the game. Sometimes, punters who are successful at predicting the outcome will initiate betting in future games to increase profit margins and influence the market.

    The Pros and Cons of Sports Trading


    • The nature of sports trading is highly volatile even with the use of sophisticated software and other tools as the outcome of any sporting event varies.
    • The software used requires a certain fee to be paid which can be in the form of subscriptions or commissions that takes away from the profit earned if any and place more expense on the punter in case of breaking even, i.e., experiencing neither profit nor loss. Currently, the most popular software in the field of sports trading is Betfair. Though the rates of commission for Betfair can be as low as 2%, it requires the participant to be a big player which often poses a problem to the novice punters. The usual commission for Betfair is about 5% and this is a big deduction for those punters who make low profits.
    • The strategies and techniques used in sports trading are very diverse however there are techniques that are consistent and popular like value betting, scalping, or swinging. The process itself is highly influenced by the odds calculated before and during the game. Trading secrets are generally done using trading software or specialized software such as Betfair, Matchbook, Market, etc.

    The prospect of being financially successful in sports trading may seem very attractive to many traders and sports enthusiasts but very few do with most people just breaking even.


    • The major pro here is that the risk of loss endured and the magnitude are both substantially low.
    • The process itself is easy and with a little bit of training and knowledge, a novice can easily navigate the environment and learn the basics of sports trading.
    • Sports trading is done using online software and a major advantage of betting software is that the process and tools offered by much such software are easy to understand and apply.

    One major point to note is that to start, one does not require a lot of money. It is possible to start small and increase one’s wealth via sports trading. There is considerably less corruption in this field than in other forms of trading. Also, there are well-defined boundaries as to the start and close of the process.

    Tips for Novices

    It is important to engage with people who have sufficient experience and thereby learn the ropes of sports trading. It is also necessary for a punter to have a very thorough knowledge of the sport and other technical scales that may be required to analyze the market. It is important to remember that success in sports trading, be it big or small, is slow and non-linear.

    To Conclude

    Sports trading in itself is a highly unpredictable source of wealth generation, much like any finance market but in the case of sports trading, many exogenous factors such as the weather, the inclusion or exclusion of certain players in the game, the skill of the players and their performance, etc. influence the outcome to a great extent, so the outcomes vary to a great extent. It must also be noted that the advice of experts in this field is to acquire the skill of adapting to the changing platforms and keeping up to date on software updates, better options, and the sport itself. There are many platforms to get started with sports trading as well as other types of trading like bitcoin trading, bitcoin circuit,, etc.

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    Christy Bella
    Blogger by Passion | Contributor to many Business Blogs in the United Kingdom | Fascinated to Write Blogs in Business & Startup Niches

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