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    Man and Van Prices in London Compared

    A man and van service in London is the easiest way to move items from one location to another.

    Moving house? Disposing of large waste? Transporting bulky items purchased from a store? – You need a man and van service.

    But how much will you pay? What are the usual London man and van prices?

    I set about finding the answer. Here’s what I did:

    • Found out London man and van prices from the websites of some of the prominent service providers.
    • Called them up and asked whether the prices on the website were the right
    • Talked to anyone I could find, who has used a man and van service in London in the last 12 months, and asked them what they paid.
    • Analysed guides that deconstruct the costs involved in the man and van business (that influences the real price you pay for the service).

    Did I find anything surprising? You bet I did.

    Disclaimer: all pricing in this post might be subject to change in future. 

    London Man and Van Prices – Overview


    London man and man prices are a puzzle. The website says something. On the phone, they say something else. People told me they were not sure of what they’d pay till they paid the final price.

    This guide is meant to change all that. Here are the most important things you need to know about London man and van prices.

    Let’s find out.

    1. Basic London Man And Van Hourly Rates

    The starting prices for a man and van service in London are approximately £25 to £30 per hour on the lower end and £80 to £90 per hour on the higher end.

    2. Minimum Service Duration

    Most man and van services have a minimum booking time, leading to a starting price range from £80 to £150, reflecting a typical 2-hour minimum service.

    3. Extra Charges for Difficult Access

    In situations with challenging conditions, such as removals from a third floor or through a narrow doorway, expect to pay an additional £15 to £20 per hour.

    4. Surcharge for Holidays and Peak Times

    Services during public holidays, bank holidays, or peak times may incur a surcharge, typically around £10 to £20 per hour.

    5. Variation by Location

    London man and van prices can also vary depending on the specific location within London, reflecting factors like distance and accessibility.

    Remember, these figures are indicative and can vary based on individual requirements. It’s always best to get a specific quote for your situation.

    Note: In a way, this uncertainty around London man and van prices explains itself. Everything is becoming costlier. Plus, the most common van for such purposes – Ford Transit – has become costlier by £4,000 in the past five years.

    Factors Affecting Man and Van Prices in London


    When considering London man and van prices, various factors can influence the cost. Understanding these can help you estimate the price for your specific needs:

    1. Location: Your location in London and the distance to the destination can affect the cost.
    2. Size of the Van: Larger vans typically cost more due to their capacity and fuel consumption.
    3. Number of Helpers Needed: More manpower means higher costs.
    4. Access Difficulty: Challenges like narrow doorways or high floors can increase the price.
    5. Special Equipment for Delicate Items: Handling fragile items like pianos requires special equipment and expertise, leading to higher costs.
    6. Service on Bank Holidays: Services during holidays may have a surcharge.
    7. Parking Considerations: If parking is difficult or permits are required, this could affect the price.
    8. Duration of the Service: Longer jobs will naturally cost more.
    9. Urgency of the Service: If you need a last-minute service, this could lead to higher charges.
    10. Waste Disposal: If the service includes waste disposal, especially for large or hazardous materials, expect additional fees.

    Each of these factors contributes to the overall cost, so it’s important to consider them when planning your man and van hire in London.

    Man and Van Pricing in London Table

    To understand London man and van prices, you will have to consider the van size, the number of helpers needed, and the duration of the service.

    Below is a table summarising the typical prices:

    Size of the VanDimensions of the Van (LxHxW)Price for 1 HelperPrice for 2 Helpers
    Small Van1.8m x 1.2m x 1.5m£50 per hour£70 per hour
    Medium Van2.5m x 1.4m x 1.7m£55 per hour£75 per hour
    Large Van3.40m x 1.80m x 1.70m£60 per hour£80 per hour
    Extra Large Van4.50m x 1.90m x 1.70m£65 per hour£85 per hour
    Luton Van4.00m x 2.05m x 1.98m£70 per hour£90 per hour

    Note: These are indicative of London man and van prices only. Other factors such as location, access difficulty, and special requirements can influence the final cost. This table should help you get a sense of the typical expenses involved.

    How to Avoid Surprises in London Man and Van Pricing


    When you hire a man and van service in London, know the extra expenses you might have to pay.

    1. Minimum Charge: Services often have a minimum 2-hour charge, regardless of the job’s duration.
    2. Travel Time in Congestion: London’s traffic can extend travel time, impacting costs, especially during congested periods.
    3. Weekend Surcharge: Additional fees may apply for services used on weekends.
    4. Stairs Charge: Extra fees for carrying items up or down stairs.
    5. Payment Method Surcharge: Paying via certain methods like PayPal might incur additional service charges.
    6. Congestion Charge: For central London postcodes, a congestion fee may be added during specific hours.
    7. Parking Arrangements: Customers are usually responsible for arranging and paying for parking near the property.

    Being aware of these factors can help you better estimate the total cost and avoid unexpected charges.

    London Man and Van Pricing Calculator

    Let’s look at three examples to understand how London man and van prices are calculated:

    • Small Move with a Medium Van

      • Van Size: Medium Van
      • Number of Helpers: 1
      • Hourly Rate: £55
      • Duration: 3 hours
      • Calculation: £55 (hourly rate) x 3 (hours) = £165 total cost.
    • Large Move with an Extra Large Van

      • Van Size: Extra Large Van
      • Number of Helpers: 2
      • Hourly Rate: £85
      • Duration: 5 hours
      • Calculation: £85 (hourly rate) x 5 (hours) = £425 total cost.
    • Heavy Items with a Luton Van

      • Van Size: Luton Van
      • Number of Helpers: 2
      • Hourly Rate: £90
      • Duration: 4 hours
      • Calculation: £90 (hourly rate) x 4 (hours) = £360 total cost.

    FAQs on London Man and Van Prices

    1. What are the average London man and van hourly rates?

    London man and van hourly rates range from £25 to £90, depending on van size and number of helpers (check this rubbish removal pricing guide out if you are looking for alternatives).

    2. Are there minimum charges for man and van services?

    Yes, most services have a minimum charge for 2 hours.

    3. Do prices vary based on the day of the week?

    Yes, there may be surcharges for weekends and bank holidays.

    4. Are there additional costs for moving items up stairs?

    Yes, there is often an extra charge per floor.

    5. How does van size affect the cost?

    Larger vans typically cost more due to higher capacity and fuel consumption.

    6. Is there a congestion charge for moves in Central London?

    Yes, a congestion charge may apply during certain hours.

    7. Do I need to arrange parking for the van?

    Yes, clients are usually responsible for arranging and paying for parking.

    8. Are there extra charges for urgent or last-minute bookings?

    Urgent bookings might incur additional charges.

    9. Does the distance of the move affect the price?

    Yes, longer distances can increase the overall cost.

    10. Are prices higher for handling special items like pianos?

    Handling special items often requires extra care and equipment, leading to higher costs.

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