How to Cut Costs When Setting Up a 2nd Office?

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    How to Cut Costs When Setting Up a 2nd Office?

    Choosing to open a second office is an important milestone in the life of any business. However, there is no denying that it can also be an expensive milestone. Here are some of the ways that you can cut the costs of this new office set up, so you can get things underway as smoothly and as affordably as possible.

    Buy 2nd Hand

    You can spend a lot of money trying to outfit your office to the highest of standards. You could also make some clever choices so it still looks great but does not cost you an arm and a leg to do that. One source that can pay dividends here is that of 2nd hand office furniture. Many people might think that 2nd hand office furniture is not going to be of very good quality, but this could not be further from the truth. You could easily put together a chic and sleek office without anyone knowing that the furniture was 2nd hand.

    setting -up a new office

    The same can be applied to any electronics that you have in the office. You might be able to find a great deal on computers, so you can buy some fantastic refurbished units. This will save you a fair bit of money compared to if you were to buy all new devices.

    Bundle Utilities

    The utility bills of offices can often run very high. With two offices, you are going to have a pretty hefty bill coming your way.

    Costs Saving tips for 2nd Office

    Why not speak to your utility provider and see if there is some sort of deal that can be stuck. They might have a special kind of deal where you could bundle the costs of these two offices together for better savings overall. If you have a long outstanding history with them, they might be very happy to do this for a valued client like yourself.

    Send an Existing Staff Member to Head up the New Branch

    You are already going to have to recruit new staff to the business. However, trying to find the right management for your business is always a bit of a headache. Since hiring new managerial staff can be expensive, this might be the perfect chance for you to make some internal changes and send an existing staff member to take over the new branch!

    How to Cut Costs When Setting Up a 2nd Office

    They already know the ins and outs of the company, and it is a great way to reward them for hard work thus far. Always try to look internally before heading to external markets for something like this!

    Setting up a new branch is exciting, and it gives you the perfect chance to grow your business in a new location and really get the ball rolling on your brand. With smart choices, you will be able to cut some of the costs that can come with setting up a second office. Start planning the launch of your second office soon, and bear in mind the above tips when trying to keep the costs down!

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