How to Brainstorm Successfully?

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    How to Brainstorm Successfully?

    Put electronic devices to the side

    In our modern era we’re used having a smartphone with us all the time. At the office you’ll be definitely using a laptop or tablet to insert information, communicate with clients and so on. Most cases you will also bring these electronic devices to a brainstorm session. This comes in handy when you need to write down business ideas.

    Just stop here! Electronic devices are helpful to write things down quickly, but they can be disturbing too. That’s why it’s better to leave these devices outside the room (or on stand-by). Did you know your brain won’t be as challenged when you just type stuff on your computer? In order to get both sides of your brain working harmoniously, you’ll need to get a piece of paper and your favourite Parker pen. By writing, you push your brain to be more creative. This will result in the very best ideas.

    Make sure the rest of the group does this to. Just create a no-electronic-devices group.

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    What do you do with people who are silent during the brainstorm session?

    There will always be some people who are quiet during a brainstorm session. This isn’t always a sign of weakness, boredom or just their way to don’t work at all. Sometimes they have the greatest idea, but are just too shy to speak up. As we often know, it’s very often the listener who has the greatest ideas. It’s not the intention to put shy people on the spot. If they want to stay quiet, just let them be. But make sure they’re not full of information and thoughts and too scared to tell you. That would be a shame. Therefore, it’s important to give each and everyone time to speak. They can do with this time what they want.

    You can also ask the participants to write some ideas with their cross ballpoint pen on a piece of paper and deliver it to you. If they don’t (or can’t) speak in a large group, this is a way for them to share their thoughts and ideas.

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