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    Engino Stem Club Subscription Box is Now Available with Hands-on Stem Activities

    Limassol, March 15, 2022: Engino, one of the largest toy manufacturing companies in Europe, is excited to announce that its new STEM CLUB Subscription Box line, which soft launched in late November 2021, is now available.

    Utilizing years of experience in the construction of award-winning STEM toy systems and after extensive research with children of different ages, parents and academics, our new line is here to enrich students’ learning experience by offering them hands-on STEM activities and encouraging them to practice their skills and imagination as they play. Each month the ‘Adventures of Gino & Gina’ will arrive at your home and embellish your children’s knowledge, preparing them for the future.

    Choose one of our plans and receive monthly, right at your doorstep, an exclusive Engino set, methodically designed to offer unique models and weekly STEM activities for your little ones.

    How does the Engino STEM CLUB Subscription Box work?

    When you give your children an Engino STEM CLUB Subscription Box, you are giving them a deep dive into the world of STEM discovery that covers everything from history and fun facts to design, experimentation, and theory.

    If you are interested in offering your children a unique learning experience, follow the steps below:

    1. Choose your Plan. Personalize your subscription, by choosing your preferred package and language.
    2. Receive your Set. Your new STEM CLUB box set will be delivered to your house every month.
    3. Build, Play, Learn. Create your models and learn through hands-on activities about a different theme every month.
    4. Share & Win. Take videos and pictures of your creations and share with our online community to earn rewards.

    You can learn more about our STEM CLUB Subscription Box line by following this link:

    About Engino: Inspiring the next generation of inventors

    Engino-Stem-Club-Subscription-BoxFounded in 2004 with a vision to inspire students to become better problem solvers and future innovators, Engino now has a wide product range of more than 50 different sets and has been established as one of the fastest growing companies in the field. The expansion to a new fully automated factory in Cyprus reflects the company’s success and innovative culture, while setting new standards for production in Europe.

    Academics, engineers, product designers, illustrators, education specialists and marketing experts have all combined their strengths and expertise to ensure that each Engino system promotes students’ learning, critical thinking, problem-solving and communication and motor skills, while stimulating their imagination and their creativity.


    Find out more about education here:

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