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    Bareska Transform Part of London’s Iconic Lloyd’s Building Into an Interactive, Futuristic Space for The Digital Future of Insurance

    • Bareska, a leading content solutions consultancy, has helped to deliver an engaging and interactive space that brings together insurance and technology in the heart of the Lloyd’s Building in London.
    • The company, together with its partners, orchestrated and brought to life a new and innovative presence for Velonetic™, who are shaping, leading, and building the digital future of the global insurance marketplace.
    • Using cutting-edge creative approaches and inspired by AI technology, Bareska crafted a user experience that embodies the digital transformation taking place in the insurance sector – bridging the gap between intricate technical information and user-friendly content, making complex concepts accessible to users.
    • Stuart Campbell, CEO at Bareska, said: “Our vision was to create an environment that represents the digital future of insurance and celebrates the meeting point of a rich history, emerging technology and talented people”

    Bareska, a leading content solutions consultancy that specialises in creating immersive brand and digital experiences, has helped to deliver an engaging and interactive space that brings together insurance and technology in the heart of the Lloyd’s Building in London.

    The new versatile “front-of-house” space has been designed for the new and innovative brand Velonetic™ which is shaping, building, and delivering the digital future of the global insurance marketplace.

    The space supports engagement with Velonetic’s customers, and other market participants, as the sector adopts smarter, swifter, and smoother ways of working with new digital processing services.

    Leveraging cutting-edge software and AI technology, Bareska, in collaboration with its partners, has crafted a user experience to help bridge the gap between intricate technical information and user-friendly content, making complex insurance concepts accessible to all users.

    The new hi-tech space also accommodates approximately 50 staff members at any given time. Serving as a showcase for Velonetic’s brand and central role in insurance processing for the London insurance market, and a pioneering hub for digital transformation, the space supports board meetings, demonstrations and collaborations with customers, partners, and vendors.

    The main aim is to establish an engaging and interactive space for market participants, staff, businesses, partners, and guest organisations.

    Blending Artificial Intelligence with the physical

    blending-artificial-intelligence-with-the-physicalBareska’s vision for the display content was to incorporate an AI layer that feels alive – a nod to the smart technologies and AI underpinning digital transformation in insurance which will help insurance processes become smarter, swifter, and smoother.

    Bareska executed this vision by:

    • Aesthetically Inspired AI: The AI layer’s visual identity drew inspiration from Velonetic’s brand colours, creating an organic, moving layer that softens the metallic and rigid elements of the physical space. This innovative approach creates a more organic and engaging atmosphere for users.
    • Living AI Presence: The AI layer subtly ‘breathes’ and ‘flows’ across every screen, connecting them and offsetting the rigidity of the physical environment.
    • AI-Generated Art: One of the project’s crowning achievements is the AI-generated artwork displayed on the central Media Wall. Bareska used generative AI to create artwork that is based on Velonetic’s data and statistics, sparking conversations, and reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation.

    Embracing Cutting-Edge Technology

    embracing-cutting-edge-technologyAt its core, the space seeks to create an interactive experience to mirror the transition to digital in the sector – in that, the industry is moving away from manual insurance processing, which can take days and months, to a digital system that processes premiums and claims in minutes and seconds.

    Bareska accomplished this by using standout features such as:

    • An 85-inch multi-touch interactive table, facilitating group presentations and collaborative engagements that seamlessly blend technology and human interaction.
    • A captivating array of twelve 55-inch screens showcases content to help demystify the digital adoption journey in a refreshingly clear and seamless way. Users are made aware of key milestones with a focus on what they need to know for their role, including links to the people and online resources available for embracing digital solutions.

    Pioneering Software and Hardware Integration

    This transformative project is a fusion of innovative software and hardware. The team at Bareska leveraged the power of Touch Designer, NodeJS, Unreal, Adobe Premiere Pro, and After Effects to craft a captivating content experience. This content is not static; it is dynamic and responsive, thanks to cloud accessibility and remote updates, optimising resource management.

    Additionally LED lighting in the space orchestrates a symphony of visual delight, all seamlessly controlled via Mad Mapper. The content is meticulously mapped across screens using Crestron and Green Hippo, to create an environment that captivates users.

    Bareska Collaborations with Basha-Franklin and THEM

    bareska-collaborations-with-basha-franklin-and-themCollaborating with Bareska on this revolutionary project was interior design and architecture practice, Basha-Franklin, who transformed the space to accommodate the use of cutting-edge technology and preserve the building’s Grade 1 listed features. The acoustic performance was enhanced to ensure maximum adaptability, resulting in a high-tech, high-impact environment.

    Additionally, the branding agency, THEM, were responsible for bringing the brand identity created by Bareska to life through the physical elements in the space. They also helped produce the structures for the screens and played a pivotal role in the experiential design of the exhibition area.

    Speaking about the project, Bareska’s CEO Stuart Campbell, said:

    “Our vision was to create an environment that represents the digital future of insurance and celebrates the meeting point of rich history, emerging technology, and talented people.

    “The AI layer we have introduced is a living, breathing presence that embodies Velonetic’s digital transformation journey.

    “Our brief was to design and develop an engaging experience for our client’s staff, customers, partners, and other market participants that drives the effective adoption of transformed and digital insurance services in 2024.

    “The space needed to be versatile and stimulating – providing a vibrant experience for customers and the industry to feel informed and excited about a large-scale industry transformation as we move away from legacy systems to data-focused, agile, and secure digital services that bring together the expertise of Velonetic’s people with the power of technology.

    “We sought to blend the latest technology and design to drive valuable human experiences – ensuring the screen content was people-led, which reflects the client’s business.

    “Content is interactive for users to be hands-on, driving their own experience through the information.”

    “Bareska wrote the brief, created a feasibility study, selected, and engaged the main architect and design teams.

    “We also designed the AV and screen systems in use, visualised the user content and oversaw the user experience as the build took place.

    “We wanted to ensure the space felt organic and alive, so our design and content team developed a beautiful, breathing AI layer that feels alive on every screen.”

    A New Digital Dawn for the Insurance Industry

    Velonetic’s space in Gallery 4 (G4) of the Lloyd’s building represents a new era in the insurance industry. It is a space where the digital and physical worlds seamlessly join where technology is not cold and impersonal but alive and responsive.

    Bareska’s innovative approach to this project underscores their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in content solutions that help engage an audience.


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