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    How to mine Bitcoin? – Step by Step Guide

    Bitcoin has emerged as one of the most famous cryptocurrencies in the past few months. A year back only a few people had an idea or an overview about the mining of Bitcoin. But today we at this stage that the google trends showed the peak in the searches of the information related to Bitcoin mining. Many want to know how to mine Bitcoin. Many don’t have an idea or a clear picture of where to start and how to start mining your Bitcoin. To clear all your doubts, this article would be more than sufficient as you will know the detailed analysis on how to mine Bitcoin.

    Basically, the miner of Bitcoin is the only one who is responsible for the transaction and also ensures the security of the network of the bitcoin. Miners are also awarded for their efforts. But, in order to earn profit out of the mining, you need some heavy instruments and mechanisms to start your journey as a Bitcoin miner. So, let us now go into depth to have a detailed analysis.

    Bitcoin Mining at home

    Unlike the older days where it was possible the mining Bitcoin through your personal computer with high graphics but, now this is not the case. With the arrival of the mining equipment which is the ASIC or also known as the allocation specific integrated circuit which is specially designed to mine Bitcoins it almost impossible to mine the Bitcoin through the personal computer in the current scenario.

    There are mainly 2 ways through which you can mine Bitcoins. Those are

    • Personal Mining
    • Cloud mining

    We will know the analysis and the methods of the 2 ways below

    Personal Mining

    The specially designed hardware ASIC in order to mine Bitcoins is very expensive to be bought and to use. So, in order to mine it personally, you will have to make a sufficient amount of investment and rent electricity at a cheap rate with high internet speed if you want to mine the Bitcoin smoothly and without any difficulties.

    The first step to moving forward is to buy ASIC hardware. The price of the ASIC may vary from the brand and the quality or the choice of new or used. The price of the ASIC hardware may range from $500 to around $5000. This is needed to be paired with the desired mining software available.

    The chances of you succeeding in the mining of bitcoin and make a profit is negligible. So, according to the experts, it is better to join a mining pool. This will allow you to take part with the others and make a profit out of your share contributed to the others while mining the Bitcoin.

    You also need to pay a fee in order to join a mining pool, and it is also important to choose a pool that is well established rather than new ones.

    Cloud Mining

    In order to generate profit out of Bitcoin mining, you should have an access to the best mining software and hardware. Since the ASCI setups are not cheap, many do not go for personal mining and take up cloud mining. The services like the Hash flare and the Genesis mining helps to rent the hardware and someone else would do the mining in place of you.

    One of the biggest advantages of cloud mining is that it has a lesser outlay as compared to that of personal mining. But still, most people do not take up, this is due to the lack of trust as the hardware is in someone else’s control and there is a chance of scam. Check out bitcoin lifestyle app if you are planning to get started with the trading.

    bitcoin cloud Mining services

    Step by Step- Mining of Bitcoin through cloud services

    1. Company of mining- The First step in order to a min then bitcoins is to compare the mining services and the providers. You need to initially compare their ratings, fees, cost, profit, establishment as well as reputation. Without proper information about the company, you may get scammed as there are numerous cases of fraud.

    2. The Mining Package- Then you need to review the contract which is offered by the company. The contract includes the tenure, the cost, fees which all are the mining software and the hardware used. If you like the contract you can proceed with it otherwise you can make some changes which depend from company to company.

    3. Mining pool- Once you choose your mining service, company, and plans, you need to select the pool of mining. Compare all the available pools with their track records and then choose accordingly.

    4. Start the mining- With all the setup and the needs in hand you can now begin to mine the bitcoin. The account of the Bitcoin mining would be made by filling the BTC.

    bitcoin mining software

    Step by Step- Mining of Bitcoin Hardware and Software at home

    1. Calculate the profit- Before starting the process you should be well authenticated with the profit and the plans in order to make the mining of bitcoins worth your time.

    2. Mining Hardware- You need to compare many ASCI hardware depending on your budget and in many cases, you also need to add up a power source to boost up the mining through the hardware.

    3. Mining Pool- In order to have a better chance of making a profit you should join a pool with other Bitcoin miners. You should compare the variety of pools even.

    4. Mining Software- There are various programs that are there for Bitcoin mining. Some are based on GUI while many are command-line software. Some of the mining pols also provide their own software.

    5. Start the mining of Bitcoin- You need to set up your wallet and then link it with the mining rig. Make sure to have each and every detail about the hikes and the decrement in the price of the Bitcoin in order to make a good profit.


    The mining of Bitcoin is not an easy job and should not be done just for a hobby. There are professionals against which you need to complete so be prepared for the outcomes also.

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    Christy Bella
    Blogger by Passion | Contributor to many Business Blogs in the United Kingdom | Fascinated to Write Blogs in Business & Startup Niches

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