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    A Guide to Finding the Best Golf Courses in London

    London, a city renowned for its rich history, vibrant culture, and diverse attractions, also stands out as a premier destination for golf enthusiasts.

    Beyond the iconic landmarks and bustling city streets lies an array of golf courses that cater to players of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned professionals.

    The sport’s deep-rooted presence in London’s sporting culture is evident through its numerous clubs and courses, sprawling across the city’s outskirts and even within its more central locations.

    Golf in London offers a unique blend of historical significance and modern play, providing an unforgettable experience for those who walk its fairways.

    The importance of golf in London’s sporting and fitness culture cannot be overstated. It is a sport that transcends age and skill, allowing for a communal and competitive spirit to thrive within the city’s boundaries.

    Golf clubs in London are not just venues for sport but are hubs of social interaction, networking, and community engagement.

    They embody the tradition and evolution of golf, showcasing respect for the game’s heritage while embracing innovations that enhance the golfing experience.

    Criteria for the London Golf Course Selection


    Selecting the best golf courses in London is no small feat, given the abundance and variety of options available.

    Our selection criteria focused on a holistic assessment of what makes a golf course stand out, ensuring a diverse range of recommendations that cater to different preferences and requirements, and everything golf. The following factors were paramount in our evaluation:

    1. Amenities

    We considered the range and quality of facilities provided by each course, including clubhouses, pro shops, driving ranges, and dining options. Amenities that enhance the overall experience of visitors and members were highly valued.

    2. Course Quality

    The design, maintenance, and challenge level of the course played a crucial role in our selection. Courses that offer a compelling blend of aesthetics, playability, and strategic complexity were favored.

    3. Accessibility

    How easy it is to access the course from various parts of London was considered, including public transportation options and parking facilities for those driving.

    4. Membership Options

    The availability and range of membership options, including flexibility for visitors and different membership levels, were assessed to ensure inclusivity for all types of golfers.

    5. Visitor Reviews

    Feedback from both members and visitors provided invaluable insights into the real-world experience of each course. Positive reviews, especially those highlighting exceptional service, course conditions, and overall satisfaction, influenced our selections.

    By applying these criteria, we aimed to curate a list that not only highlights the best golf courses in London but also serves as a guide to finding a course that matches your individual preferences, whether you’re seeking a challenging round, a family-friendly outing, or a luxurious golfing experience.

    Overview of the Golf Scene in London


    London boasts an impressive golf scene, with a comprehensive array of courses to suit every level of golfer. Within and around the M25, there are 168 golf courses, highlighting the sport’s popularity in the region.

    This wide selection includes courses of varying difficulty, style, and accessibility, ensuring that every golfer, whether local or visiting, can find a course that suits their needs.

    The golf courses in London are well-regarded, with 8 of England’s Top 100 courses located within the M25, including the prestigious St. George’s Hill.

    This demonstrates the high quality of golfing facilities available in the area. The city accommodates golfers of all types, from beginners to seasoned players, with courses that feature challenging layouts and immaculate maintenance.

    Public access to golf in London is also notable. Despite many private clubs, many offer guest access at select times, and there are numerous public courses, particularly on the outskirts of the city, providing ample opportunity for everyone to enjoy the game.

    Top 5 Golf Courses in London


    Drawing from the information found across various sources, here’s a detailed look at some of the top golf courses in London, showcasing their unique offerings, historical significance, and the modern amenities they provide to both members and visitors.

    1. Shooters Hill Golf Club – Kent

    • Location: Shooters Hill, Kent, on the southeastern outskirts of London.
    • Course Details: 18 holes, par 72, known for its excellent maintenance.
    • Key Features: The club boasts a welcoming clubhouse, a well-stocked pro shop, and practice facilities.
    • Unique Aspects: Founded in 1903, it offers panoramic views of London.
    • Membership/Visitor Info: Shooters Hill Golf Club offers competitive membership rates and visitor packages.
    • Recent Improvements: Continuous improvements to course conditions and facilities.
    • Awards/Recognitions: Rated highly for its maintenance and overall golfing experience.

    2. Royal Blackheath Golf Club

    • Location: Eltham, Southeast London.
    • Course Details: One of the oldest golf clubs in the world, offering a rich history alongside its challenging 18-hole course.
    • Key Features: Historic clubhouse filled with golfing memorabilia, a comprehensive pro shop, and practice areas.
    • Unique Aspects: Claims over 400 years of history, with a museum-like clubhouse.
    • Membership/Visitor Info: Royal Blackheath Golf Club welcomes visitors and offers various membership categories.
    • Recent Improvements: Ongoing course enhancements to ensure a top-quality golfing experience.
    • Awards/Recognitions: Known for its impressive clubhouse and historical significance.

    3. The Addington Golf Club – Surrey

    • Location: Croydon, Surrey, just outside the M25.
    • Course Details: 18 holes, par 71, designed by John Frederick Abercromby in 1913, with a mix of heathland and woodland layout.
    • Key Features: Dramatic terrain, significant elevation changes, and stunning vistas across London.
    • Unique Aspects: It’s celebrated for its natural beauty and the strategic challenge it presents.
    • Membership/Visitor Info: The Addington Golf Club offers memberships and visitor tee times, including online booking options.
    • Recent Improvements: Regular updates to course maintenance and facilities to enhance playability.
    • Awards/Recognitions: Consistently ranked among the top courses in England for its design and natural beauty.

    4. Dulwich & Sydenham Hill Golf Club

    • Location: Dulwich, South London.
    • Course Details: 18 holes, offering great surroundings and a challenging layout.
    • Key Features: Features include a welcoming clubhouse with dining facilities, a pro shop, and practice areas.
    • Unique Aspects: The course provides stunning views over London and has a friendly, inclusive club atmosphere.
    • Membership/Visitor Info: Dulwich and Sydenham Hill Golf Club is open to visitors with various membership options available.
    • Recent Improvements: Has seen enhancements in both the course and clubhouse amenities.
    • Awards/Recognitions: Praised for its maintenance and scenic beauty.

    5. The Shire London – Hertfordshire

    • Location: Barnet, North London.
    • Course Details: 27 holes, the only Seve Ballesteros-designed course in the UK.
    • Key Features: Offers a unique golfing experience with three loops of nine holes, a modern clubhouse, and excellent practice facilities.
    • Unique Aspects: The design incorporates Seve’s creative and bold approach to golf course architecture.
    • Membership/Visitor Info: The Shire London is accessible to members and visitors, with a variety of play and membership packages.
    • Recent Improvements: Continual improvements to maintain its reputation as a premier golfing destination.
    • Awards/Recognitions: Known for its unique design and outstanding maintenance.

    These golf courses in London not only offer great golfing experiences but also provide a glimpse into the sport’s rich history and evolution in the region.

    Each course brings its unique charm, challenges, and facilities, catering to golfers of all levels and preferences.

    What to Consider When Choosing a Golf Course in London


    When selecting a golf course in London, several factors should guide your decision, ensuring that your golfing experience aligns with your expectations, skill level, and personal preferences:

    1. Location

    Consider the course’s proximity to your residence or accommodation. London’s extensive public transport network can ease travel concerns, but choosing a course closer to home can save time and hassle.

    2. Fees

    Green fees can vary widely depending on the course’s prestige, facilities, and location. Evaluate whether the cost matches your budget and the value you seek from the experience.

    3. Membership Availability

    If you’re looking for a club to join, assess the membership options. Some clubs have waiting lists, while others might offer immediate entry. Consider what the membership includes, such as access to practice facilities, social events, and other amenities.

    4. Course Difficulty

    Match the course difficulty to your skill level. Beginners might prefer more forgiving courses, while experienced golfers could seek challenging layouts to test their skills.

    5. Amenities

    Facilities such as driving ranges, pro shops, and clubhouses can enhance your golfing experience. Courses with comprehensive amenities offer added value, especially for those looking to spend a full day at the venue.

    Emerging Golf Courses


    In recent years, several golf courses in and around London have undergone significant renovations or are relatively new to the scene, quickly gaining popularity among the golfing community:

    • Newly Renovated Courses: Some historic clubs have invested in extensive renovations, modernizing their facilities and course layouts to attract a new generation of golfers while preserving their rich heritage.
    • Rising Stars: Keep an eye out for newer courses that are making waves for their innovative designs, environmental sustainability practices, and exceptional player experiences. These courses often incorporate the latest in golf course architecture and technology.


    Choosing the right golf course in London is about finding a balance between various factors that contribute to an enjoyable and fulfilling golfing experience.

    London’s diverse golfing landscape encourages exploration and experimentation, inviting golfers to discover their personal favorites among the city’s historic links and modern masterpieces.

    Engage with the local golfing community, read reviews, and perhaps consider a few trial rounds at different courses to better understand what each has to offer. The journey to find your ideal golfing haven can be as rewarding as the game itself.

    If you want us to add a suggestion here based on your experience, please get in touch with us!

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    Manuela Willbold
    Blogger and Educator by Passion | Senior Online Media & PR Strategist at ClickDo Ltd. | Contributor to many Education, Business & Lifestyle Blogs in the United Kingdom & Germany | Summer Course Student at the London School of Journalism and Course Instructor at the SeekaHost University.

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