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    Do you wish to write in the business field? Wish to deliver expert ideas or advice when it comes to executing modern business practices successfully? London Business News welcomes you to be a contributor to its leading business portal – a one-stop destination for all business enthusiasts to search for high-quality posts on modern business & technology. In addition to this, you can also look forward to contributing to various other niches, including finance, marketing, lifestyle, and education. We are continuously looking for fresh ideas and concepts when it comes to accepting high-quality posts or content from the aspiring as well as seasoned writers.

    Topics We Cover

    London Business News, as the name implies, is dedicated to educating its readers about the insightful news as well as trends on modern business, technology, and various other fields with a focus on the London scene. As a contributor, you are expected to deliver well-researched and informative pieces of content on a wide range of topics, including:

    • Matters related to finance all around the world, but with a focus on London as a finance hub
    • Business advice, trends, tips, and tricks
    • Marketing-related information like ideas and tips to excel
    • Technology-related news or trends
    • Content marketing insights
    • Marketing metrics & measurements and many more

    What We Prefer

    When you send over your posts to us, our expert editorial team will give special preference to your articles if they focus on various components of modern business & marketing including:

    • Creating and implementing business campaigns
    • Implementing successful business strategies
    • How-to guides with a London and business focus
    • Analysis of effective business practices
    • Thought-leadership articles
    • Summaries of recent research findings
    • Business infographics and case studies and many more

    What We Accept?

    At London Business News, we are known to receive a wide number of submissions from all kinds of business writers and bloggers. If you wish your content to be published, you are expected to follow the detailed guidelines as specified by our team of editorial experts.

    • 100% original content
    • Content that has not been published elsewhere previously
    • Content following a rich keyword flow with the presence of well-researched and referenced information
    • Any claims that you will be making should be supported by relevant evidence or case studies
    • Blog posts that are supported by high-quality and authentic examples

    You can directly contact our editors on the London Business News Blog or contribute to our portal as a regular writer. Once you submit your content, our expert editorial team will review and, if approved, publish the same. You’re welcome to share your guest posts on your own social media platforms. For more information, reach out to our expert team via our contact form! (see how we use your data in our privacy policy).

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