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    What is a Smart Office and how can it benefit Businesses?

    Overbooked meeting rooms, stacked schedules, and stressed employees are becoming a thing of the past with the arrival of smart offices.

    These modern workplaces provide companies and workers with a healthy environment to do business in and do more meaningful work.

    What is a Smart Office – Top 6 Features

    A smart office is a high-tech workspace with modern technology to help people work better and smarter. Everything in a smart office adjusts to the needs of the people using it, improving the working environment.

    Smart offices elevate the employee experience by using interconnected systems to improve productivity and efficiency while retaining comfort. Companies worldwide are adopting new technologies to cater to their workforce’s changing needs.


    Some innovative smart office technologies include:

    1. Automatic and Adaptive Lighting

    People have different preferences on a lot of things, including lighting. A smart office considers employees’ usage patterns and preferences and records them for future reference. This automated and adaptive system reduces the company’s utility costs and carbon footprint.

    2. Cloud-Based Systems

    Different teams collaborate on projects all the time. Smart offices use collaborative cloud-based tools and apps to streamline everything and keep everyone updated. This smart office feature prevents miscommunication and improves collaboration between employees.

    3. Smart Conference Rooms

    Booking conference rooms manually is a thing of the past with smart offices. Employees enjoy hassle-free conference room scheduling using intelligent systems. And since the schedule is available for viewing to everyone in the office, teams can plan and check which time slot or facility is right for them.

    Smart conference rooms also integrate video calls, voice control, adaptive lighting, and many more features to make meetings more comfortable and efficient.


    4. Intelligent Climate Control

    Intelligent heating, ventilation, and cooling systems keep employees and clients comfortable in modern offices. People can conduct business in a relaxed manner. At the same time, companies save on utility bills as adaptive climate control adjusts to preferences and usage patterns within different sections of the facility.

    5. Voice Control

    Voice control is a sophisticated smart office feature. It allows workers to issue commands like starting video calls and adjusting the room temperature and lighting intensity seamlessly. Modern offices can also rely on AI assistants to keep busy people up to date with their schedules.

    6. People Counting Software

    From when people walk in until they leave, smart offices record and log the data for future use. People counting software can identify which floors or spaces are occupied or free. It then updates the system and employees can view the office layout in real-time.

    This is an excellent system for offices on multiple floors or buildings as people can locate their colleagues just in time for important meetings or quick catchups regarding essential projects. The system can also analyse which areas are the busiest and offer insights into managing foot traffic and improving office efficiency.

    6 Business Benefits of Smart Offices


    Smart offices use modern technology with a human touch. Every aspect of a modern office revolves around creating a smarter working environment for people.

    Smart offices revolutionise the workplace by providing many benefits to employees.

    1. Improved Performance

    Workers with the right tools perform better and hit their goals quicker. Whether employees are aiming for personal or team goals, they’ll perform better in an environment tailored to their needs.

    2. Happy Employees

    A happy workforce is a healthy workforce. Keeping employees happy is vital to good relationships in the workplace. Comfortable work environments, good communication systems, and intelligent setups combine to make everyone at the office happy and excited to get work done.


    3. Increased Productivity

    When people are comfortable while doing their work, they do meaningful work and get better results. This translates directly to business success. Better equipment, facilities and workspaces let people do their work without distractions or hindrances.

    4. Improved Employee Retention

    Some people leave their jobs because they feel unappreciated and are going nowhere. Each employee is vital to the company’s success. Management can show appreciation for their employees by giving them better working environments to promote a healthy work culture.

    5. Better Management and Scheduling

    Using intelligent tools and cloud-based apps, workers can plan their days freely and collaborate with teammates smoothly. These tools give them more time to focus on their work and prioritise tasks with nearing deadlines. Smart management and scheduling also prevent lost time incurred by looking for available conference rooms or workspaces.

    6. Improved Employee Engagement

    Workers who feel satisfied with their work are more likely to join team activities and contribute to the company’s success. Management can better understand their employees’ moods with good communication channels and workplace surveys.


    A modern and better Way to Work

    Times are changing and with it, the way people work. Smart offices provide intelligent solutions to common problems typically swept under the rug in workplaces. Businesses should leverage modern technologies to improve their work setups and enjoy the benefits of a smarter and better workplace.

    Author bio:

    Eleanor Hecks is the managing editor of Designerly. She’s also a mobile app designer with a focus on UI. She lives in Philadelphia with her husband and Goldendoodles, Bear, and Lucy. Connect with her about marketing, UX, and/or tea on LinkedIn.

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    James Flarakos
    Content writer and WordPress website developer. I also love to create content on YouTube and other social platforms as well as promotional and social marketing.
    James Flarakos
    James Flarakos
    Content writer and WordPress website developer. I also love to create content on YouTube and other social platforms as well as promotional and social marketing.

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