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    Reach a wider audience with the London Business News Magazine!

    The London Business News Magazine is your perfect partner for customised content marketing solutions for UK and London Businesses communicating their voices with thousands of regular and new readers in the English-speaking business world.

    Press Release Publications for PR Services

    Our Press & News Release PR Services offer all UK and London Businesses the opportunity to share their news digitally with an appealing look. All published releases are displayed on the home page for the best exposure and can be customised with additional logo, image or video submissions embedded to make it stand out.

    Ground-breaking UK Waste Carbonisation Plant with zero toxic Emissions to eradicate Landfill & create sustainable Urban Living

    UK-based business, Pyrolysise, is introducing new waste carbonisation technology with zero toxic emissions as a game-changing solution...

    Introducing the &Charge Value Platform for EV Drivers in the UK – Offering CPOs the Chance to enhance their Business 

    Electric vehicle adoption is accelerating globally, and the demand for reliable, efficient, and user-friendly charging solutions is...

    Revealed: Cheadle Hulme best Place to relocate for Remote Workers in the UK

    8 ranking factors including affordability of housing, broadband speed, house price growth, green space, distance to...

    Electrifying Developments at ENG8 take us closer to Clean Energy Commercialisation by 2024

    To kick off the process of validating its catalysed fusion EnergiCells in the UK, fusion specialists at...

    8 out of 10 Business Leaders struggle with Public Communication & Presentation, especially in developed Countries like UK

    It’s often overlooked, but a high percentage of business leaders struggle with communication at the leadership level. Strong...

    Around 50% of UK Businesses prioritise Sustainability but cut back due to Lack of Government Support in tackling Environmental Challenges

    With profits getting squeezed and a suggested lack of government support, a sobering 47% of companies have...

    Featured Guest Article Publications

    We invite writers, marketers and business experts to share their insights, tips and knowledge with our audience through digital guest content contributions. Gain creditability and brand exposure through high-quality content publications with the London Business News Magazine.


    Are you an entrepreneur, spokesperson, start-up or established business owner that wants to share their own story or news? Then get in touch with the London Business News Team to curate Q&As for a PR interview on the London Business Magazine that is fully customised to make a difference.

    Digital PR Content Creation Services

    As a busy business owner or manager you may not have the time to curate all your content yourself, plus for the ultimate exposure and best ROI of any guest contribution, it is advisable to have it written by content and PR experts with SEO knowledge. We therefore offer customised digital content creation services that manage your content from start to finish. We liaise with you every step of the way to ensure your content publication is exactly as you envision it, but with the extra marketing sprinkle we can add for the best exposure. Simply get in touch with us to share your requirements and we'll get the ball rolling.


    Examples Of Customised Content Creation for Digital PR

    We curate unique guest posts and any other formats of content our clients look for to offer a diverse and rich selection of business publication services reflecting each business in their own way.

    We curate customised questions ideal to highlight your business success story:

    We attend business events and cover different aspects such as exhibitors, speakers, special and unique business stories and more:

    We feature new and unique businesses with customised content for business features:


    London Business News Reach & Impact

    Grow your brand and reach the right people with the ideal message.

    The London Business News Magazine features SEO optimised content to rank on search engines for many relevant keywords, which funnel targeted readers searching for such terms to the posts. Because only relevancy leads to engagement and conversions. Find below our top ranking posts with thousands of views.

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    Get Featured in Popular Posts

    Our top ranking posts provide readers with the information they search for and if you are featured in one of them that is relevant to your brand, you can lead many more visitors to your website who are genuinely interested in what you offer. Speak with our team to learn more about how you can get your brand mention added.

    Banner Ad Placements for Digital PR

    If you're looking for a more visual marketing option, you can choose a banner ad placement on the home page or in selected relevant posts. You can submit your own design or we can design one and it can be placed for an agreed period.

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    Our digital PR packages include Content Curation, Customisation and Publication Services which range in complexity and extend. Depending on your requirements, we can offer a variety of digital PR services.

    Basic Guest Post/Feature/added Mention

    £ 80
    Get your contribution or story published with your brand mention.
    • add brand media
    • post on home page
    • add author bio
    • add brand mention

    Branded Publication + content creation

    £ 120
    Get a customised publication with a brand mention as guest feature, interview or review.
    • add brand media
    • customised & optimised text
    • unique targeting & messaging
    • brand is highlighted

    comprehensive content marketing package

    £ 300
    Market your business fully with a customised guest post, business feature/interview and banner ad.
    • customised guest post
    • tailored business feature/interview
    • banner ad presentation on home page
    • business listing in relevant post

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