Home News "Legislation to end automatic early release" - Boris Johnson

“Legislation to end automatic early release” – Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson mentioned that he is about to bring forward legislation to end the automatic early release of the terrorist offenders in the UK. The new legislation will apply to all the currently serving prisoners.

We are shortly bringing forward legislation to end the automatic early release of terrorist offenders. – Boris Johnson

Also, PM is in the plan to bring the new forward legislation to end the early automatic releases which will apply to all the prisoners who were involved in the serious crimes.

Boris Johnson added that this decision have been taken with respect to the terrible attack that is happened in Streatham recently. The hard thing to accept is that the person who was involved in this attack was the one who released through the law automatic early release.

So people of UK have no more patience to continue with this law by releasing the prisoners under automatic early release without any parole system or scrutiny. So we are ending that, said Boris Johnson.

Recent Streatham attack have made the PM to bring in the emergency legislation act to end the automatic early release.

emergency legislation to end automatic early release

Image Source – Business Insider

The 20-year-old Sudesh Amman who is involved in the attack at Streatham is the one who released recently under automatic early release act. Sudesh Amman was jailed at Old Bailey for 3 yrs and 4 months previously for many reasons. He was released very recently on Jan 23, 2020 after services half of his sentence in Jail.

Even though he is monitored, He has committed another attack after his release. This made the PM to introduce new emergency legislation to end the automatic early releases.

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